I am a 20 something finance professional who loves her Food, beauty, Photography and Social Media. I love writing detailed reviews because I feel that the readers should be able to understand my experience. All written in colloquial language which makes it easier to read.

For those who don’t know, Asfoura( عصفورة) in Arabic means a tiny bird. Also Pink being my favorite color..we (Sister and I) finally brainstormed and it resulted in Pink Asfoura Blog. A pink bird who loves Dubai Skyline, who wants to enjoy the scenes of this beautiful city. Often she is found hovering around new restaurants and beauty stores because that’s what she loves! Explore all the way!

A blog that lives the life right from luxuries to streets. Find the best right here! Ultimate girly blog but hey I like having dudes around too!

About myself

A vegetarian convert, finance professional living in the city of dreams.
The nerd in me wants to list ten facts about me :
1- I love food ( No doubt about that!)
2- Part time Stand up comedian (only performs for limited audience aka family)
3- I am crazy about skincare products, if there is anything new. I want to try It!
4- I am a lefty, explains the creativity
5- I can create artwork out of wax, ceramic and even wood shavings
6- Always punctual
7 – someday I hope to own an animal shelter or at least be capable to sponsor one
8-  I have a very sensitive nose, can pick any fragrance almost immediately. I can also guess contents of a dish by just smelling it from far away.
9- when I am sad, I spend my money on makeup (oopsie)
10- I love travelling and exploring new places
Now that you know me, follow my blog to be updated of latest news and my reviews.

Live with me the lifestyle of a Dubaite. 🙂

Keep reading & keep loving. ❤

Yours truely,

Monica xx

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