Shea Butter DXB & Benefits

I am a huge fan of beauty products that are natural. Most drugstore or even luxury brands claim to contain more natural ingredients but actual content of in terms of percentage is found to be lower.
If you are someone like me who loves natural products then this product is certainly for you.
Shea Butter DXB offers Shea butter straight from West Africa! Packed in a beautiful glass jar this product is one of most interesting natural products I have tried.
What is Shea butter? ivory colored butter is basically fat extracted from the nut of the African shea tree. As its refined it gets the ivory/whitish color.
Texture: It is exactly like butter but a off white-ish color. Consistency is that of a petroleum jelly and once in contact with heat of you palms this will melt which makes it easier to apply.
Application: Just like your regular lotions except here you need to scoop out a smaller quantity to begin with.
I have been using this for a month now and I have noticed massive difference in my skin. It feels more hydrated and the product leaves a healthy sheen on the skin. I wouldn’t advise it to wear during humid days but this can be a great add to your night skincare routine. If you are situated in a colder region then this can substitute your day cream as well.
Benefits of Shea Butter
–  Helps in getting rid of sunburns
– Moisturises and hydrates skin
– Reduces stretch marks
– Can substitute as a makeup base & lip balm
– Helps strengthening cuticles
The only thing I found a bit strange was the fragrance of this product. Since its  au naturale there is no added fragrance to it. At the beginning I was a bit turned off but the results within a week encouraged me to continue application. I have a dry sensitive skin and this works fine for me.
Want to try it yourself? Visit @sheabutter_dxb for orders or call on 0505982393. Large jar costs AED120

Mini Dermal Haul from

Korean beauty products have created their niche in this large beauty market. With unique products such as snail serum, oyster masks and many more..
Well I am not the kind who would experiment with any products containing animal contents so I chose to go green. I was sent these gorgeous products by Myskinchoice to try and the verdict.. Well read below guys, not giving everything away now!
Dermal Aloe Vera Gel 
This product is exactly how one would imagine it to be. Clear as aloe liquid and lightly fragranced. I really like the texture as its light and quickly absorbs in skin, its best to apply in day time. though if you are like me living in a desert then this product is best for winters.
Aloevera is good to treat sunburns, anti aging and reduces acne. Recommending this gel to those who do not go heavy on makeup and need a light moisturizer for keeping skin hydrated. This product is very close to the actual aloe gel and requires frequent applications to see the results.
Verdict: for aed24, I am definitely buying this again!
Dermal Bamboo Sheet Mask

 I generally use masks on weekends as I get time to multitask and relax too. So I used this mask sheet to see the results. It contains Bamboo essence but honestly the result was just about okay. My skin did feel tighter for a while but the effects wear off soon. I am guessing it is because maybe the product is too natural and not been messed with. Try it if you have a normal skin type, mine is combination skin and this mask didn’t help. However it totally doesn’t hurt to try out as its super budget friendly and has minimal side effects.

Try out the above and more Korean products,from they have an awesome sale going on so go grab some festive beauty treats.

Kiss Gel Nail Varnishes

How many of you have tried gel nail paints? I really love the finish of the gel manicures but hate when the nail starts growing and I have to visit a salon to get the gel removed. Also the cost for gel nails is anywhere between 150-300aed (includes removing process). if you are looking for a budget friendly solution to this then read along to discover Kiss Gel Nail varnishes.


After personally testing all the shades I am declaring Kiss gel nail varnish as the best in drugstore range. The colors are intense and one coat is thick enough but I would recommend two coats if it’s a lighter shade. I am a total sucker for pastel shades so when I got my hands on these I was thrilled to try them all and see how they look. The varnishes do not chip off and the top coat from Kiss USA too is really strong too. My nails were growing but the varnish wasn’t off which is a good thing.

Here’s how the nail looks after two coats and top coat:


  • No need of UV/led lamp
  • Easy Application
  • Large brush for covering entire nail in one sweep
  • Easy Drying
  • Intense colors
  • Large variety of glitter/ non glitter colors available

Highly recommending these to those who want to have fabulous manicures in budget friendly way. Kiss Gel nail varnishes are available at at all leading drugstores, hypermarkets and supermarkets.

Veet Sensitive Precision™ Beauty Styler Review

My long time beautician & a dear friend :”I am going for a vacation”
Me: please don’t go! who will do my eyebrows? *puppy eyes*

I am okay to get anything else done other than my eyebrows at any other salon. However when I am away from my favorite beautician, I feel scared to even try out any new salon for my eyebrows.

Being an Asian, I am blessed with super thick eyebrows that don’t take much time to grow. I don’t wish to ruin the shape but the problem is how do I maintain it? I am sure many of you have faced this problem too. Especially when one is travelling, you can’t really pack your beautician with you.

Our prayers have been answered ladies! Veet’s sensitive precision trimmer is an easy way to maintain the shape of your eyebrows & keep it always on fleek! Besides eyebrows, this lovely trimmer can also be used for trimming sensitive body parts such as bikini and underarms.


Let’s find out the benefits as described on the pack:

Introducing the NEW Veet Sensitive Precision™ Beauty Styler, designed for use on the face, underarms and bikini area where skin is more sensitive and requires more gentleness.
It’s quick and gentle with cutting blades that don’t touch the skin, so no fear of cuts! And thanks to its two different sized trimming heads and dedicated accessories you can achieve high precision whilst shaping and styling

How to Use

Use the desired trimmer head to achieve the perfect shape of your brows or bikini line. The additionally comb attachments are ideal for achieving a uniform hair length for the perfect finish. Use on dry skin only.

Hazards and Cautions

• Please read all instructions before using this product
• If your skin is sensitive, allergic to cosmetics, or easily irritated when shaving, please try on arms or legs before using the product
• Do not use with shaving gel or foam. Use on dry skin only
• Do not dismantle
• Keep out of reach of children

My review

On eyebrows: Loved it! it’s effortless and you can’t feel the blade but it does the job really well. The styler along with the eyebrow trimmer though I felt was a bit too big and instead I felt comfortable to use the blade without styler brush.

On sensitive areas: I generally prefer waxing bi-weekly to get rid of hair in these sensitive areas such as bikini and underarms. This time I tried Veet trimmer, it’s definitely not like a full fledged epilator and the process of trimming these areas is really slow. I somehow felt the blades should have been a bit sharper for as the hair growth is generally thicker.


– Perfect for carrying while travelling
– Easy eyebrow trimming tutorial
– Good to even trim hair in smaller area
– no risk of cuts! literally not, I tried it personally and the blades are safe to use.
– Reasonably priced
– doesn’t require and shaving gel/cream application prior usage.
– wireless
– Cleaning brush included


– battery operated! I would prefer it being with charging device.

– works only on dry skin, cannot be used in water

– Battery wears off soon!

– needs noise cancellation! there is too much of a buzzing sound while using the device which is a bit distracting.

-instructions manual : a tad bit of clarity on instructions paper is required for users to understand how to use the product.

– needs eyebrow stencil

Final Verdict

There is a reason why this sensitive trimmer is marketed more like eyebrow shaper. Definitely does wonderful job of trimming eyebrows and keeping the shape intact. I have tried the general blades and even electric blades for eyebrows earlier and I made a disaster out of my eyebrows but thanks to Veet,  I will not face that issue anymore. The USP of this product is the blades which promise no cuts and is exactly that! good for those who have hyper sensitive skin because I have it too but Veet styler doesn’t cause any redness.

I am unsure of the bikini area and underarms as I would have loved if the blades were a bit sharper for this. The product cannot be used in showers as it cannot be in contact with water. The blades can be separated and washed.

Overall, I am glad that a Veet has innovated such a wonderful product that is so easy to carry. Perfect for busy women of today!

Veet Sensitive Precision Trimmer is available in all leading hypermarket, supermarkets and drugstores across UAE, currently retailing at AED139.

Click here to watch Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler – Tutorial

Johnson’s & Johnson’s Hydration Essentials Cleansing Wipes


As a busy woman who is always travelling, I am always on lookout for products that make life hassle free. When I first heard of Johnsons & Johnsons hydration face cleansing wipes I was very much interested in trying it out.

I tested the Johnsons & Johnsons hydration face cleansing wipes for normal & combination skin that comes with extra ocean minerals which help in keeping skin hydrated. The fragrance is a familiar one, the kind you always associate with baby powders from J&J. The packaging comes with sticker on top that doesn’t let your wipes dry off and best part is that the sticker stays despite all the dust in my handbag (opps confession, my handbag is a well :P). A pack of 25 is perfect as one for each of working days.


this little drugstore beauty product is a treat for your skin! Easily removes layers of makeup without damaging the skin. The product is designed as such to remove the toughest of makeup layers especially the mascara which most of us tend to go overboard with. Since the wipe has tendency to get abrasive, I would suggest to gently wipe sensitive areas such as under/over the eyes. My skin feels refreshed and hydrated post use of these.

In case you are one of those who don’t use makeup or keep it minimal, this product still works wonders in keeping skin moisturized.

Available at all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets & drugstores.


Kiss Eyebrow Palletes + Swatches

I am sure we all have had our share of experiences where our eyebrows have been plucked, trimmed and its finally reached that point where it looks like an absolute disaster. I have had several instances in past of such but thanks to brands such as Benefit, Dior and Too faced who introduced brow kits. These brow kits have helped me fill the sparse areas and give my eyebrows a fuller look or as they say nowadays eyebrows on fleek.

My first brow kit experience was with Dior, it was my sister’s kit that I never gave her back because I loved it so much! In case you are someone who is new to brow kits or doesn’t want to invest much in it then I suggest you begin with KISS brow palletes. There are two types of palletes that I tested. Beautiful Brow Pallete & GoBrow Pallete

Beautiful brow pallete


A detailed pallete contains:

Two brow colors
Four stencils
Two sided applicator brush
Brow comb & razor
Brow wax & spiral applicator

This little kit is a wonder for those seeking budget friendly products as in one kit you get all the essentials. I really like the fact that there is a highlighter in there which helps in enhancing the look and make eyebrows more prominent. The two colors in the pallete and highly pigmented and when I tested these on my eyebrows they looked perfect. The two sided applicator brush is useful too as the edged brush can help you shape and the sponge applicator can help you fill the brow itself. The wax helps in achieving long stay look for the colors. Check out the swatches for this pallete.


My concerns though are on the razor as it’s a bit flimsy and I was scared to use it to trim the eyebrows to give that perfect shape. Also the stencils can give you an idea of how you want the shape the arcs but it’s not going to fit on eyebrows as everyone has different shapes.

This brow kit can easily replace your expensive kits any day. Best for home use as it doesn’t contain a mirror.

Watch Kiss beautiful brow kit tutorial here 

Ruby Kisses GoBrow pallete

Brow wax
Three Stencils



GoBrow is a compact pallete that can easily fit in your clutch or even wallet. It’s so light weighted and a perfect pallete to carry along for touch ups. As mentioned earlier the wax is really strong and gel like texture helps keeping the color intact. However if you are exposed to high heat like I do in Dubai then it’s recommended to touch up after 6 hours. The colors and the wax are both long stay. This pallete comes in three shades dark brown, black and rich chocolate brown, so you can choose based on your skin type. Go Brow Eyebrow Kit consists of three stencils that you can use to achieve a full arch, a medium arch and a slim arch.


Concerns are on the stencils provided which can basically be a guideline to perfect shape but I wouldn’t suggest to rely on the same. As we all know every brow is unique, not even our left matches with the right one.

I felt both the palletes equally useful and are super budget friendly. The colors provided and suitable to all skin tones and both the kits come with easy instructions to use the same. These may last you up to three months in case used regularly. I really like such drugstore products that do the job perfectly. Be a Browfessional with Kiss beauty brow kits!

Pro tip: Tested this brow pallete for a different use too. My friend had some gray foreline hair, quickly brushed some of the color from beautiful brow pallete on her hair and finished with a wax for long stay. Voila! It worked! 😉

Get your Kiss USA Brow palletes from leading supermarkets/hypermarkets & even pharmacies such as Aster, Boots and Bin Sina.

Kiss Products USA- So Wispy & True Volume Lashes Review

Firstly I have to admit that prior the blogging phase in my life, I always thought Fake lashes are one of those products I will never use. However after I started understanding beauty products in depth and realizing that these type of products are purely for enhancement of beauty for example if you are attending a wedding or a special occasion and want to stand out and give that look to your face then fake lashes do that job perfectly for you. Also if you notice, the eyes look more defined when you see the celeb photoshoots, well thats not only photography and makeup but fake lashes too!

I first started using these lashes when by Emarati colleague insisted that I must try them. Always ready to try something new so fake lashes were worn on her wedding day. At first it was a bit heavy on the eyes but once I started using lashes, there was no looking back! So today I am reviewing So Wispy & True Volume collection by Kiss Products USA.

So Wispy Collection


So Wispy collection is one of those collections that features good thick lashes that not only give you a beautiful look but also make it look as natural as possible. Four sizes available 01, 02, 03 and 04. Since my lashes are already long, I wanted to add a good volume so I chose number 02 and found it a perfect fit. You can always alter these lashes as per your eyes. You can trim the lashes too in case you find the size to be a bit bigger. The lash band is very fine and blends in with the lash line! Kiss lashes are made of 100% human hair called Remy hair so it looks as natural as possible. You can totally wear them with contact lenses and these are easily removable with any oil based make up remover.

Kiss So wispy lashes are designed for all types of whether you have almond shaped eyes, small eyes & large eyes suits everyone. The only possible feedback for So Wispy collection is that it doesn’t include Lash Glue so you need to get that separately.

True Volume Lashes


If you not looking for longer lashes but want that thickness than these lashes are certainly for you. The good thing about Kiss Lashes is that these are tapered at the end so they look really fine and blend with the natural eyelashes so well. I really love the HOT from this collection as it  gives both volume and length equally. This collection is sold with the lash glue so I would say its a perfect starter kit for all those who want to practice false lashes application. I found this collection lighter to wear than the So wispy collection.

Overall, for a drugstore brand Kiss lashes have truly impressed me. You can re-use these lashes so they should last you about good 3-4 applications and as mentioned earlier they can be worn with contact lenses too. The tapered tip technology (with exclusive Japanese innovation) of lashes bring a huge difference as it gives more natural look as opposed to those crazy thick lashes available in the market. You can experiment on these with colored mascara prior application on your eyes and tadaa you’ve got colored lashes! These products are a blessing for those with sparse eyelashes so forget the mascara and get some Kiss Lashes. Kiss lashes are budget friendly products with costs ranging for 20-50aed for each pack.

Confused on how to apply these lashes? First time and need tutorial? This Tutorial by Celebrity make up artist Kristofer Buckle using Kiss Lashes is straight to the point. Click here to watch.

Now flutter in style! ❤

Get your Kiss USA eyelashes from leading supermarkets/hypermarkets & even pharmacies such as Aster, Boots and Bin Sina.