Vegetarian Delights At Original Wings & Rings

I know ya’all probably thinking that I have gone bonkers to include vegetarian and wings in the title of this post. Well let me tell you that I certainly have included both because OWAR does cater to vegetarians well. Now they don’t have a full fledged menu or extensive variety but its decent to make a three course meal.

My guest who is a hardcore non vegetarian truly enjoyed his chicken wings with parmesan and garlic sauce whilst I tried out the artichoke and spinach dip, cheese fries, jalepeno poppers, onion rings, fried pickles and curly fries. All of the dishes I tried are great to pair with drinks offered.

For our mains, my guest opted for a ceasar salad and I went for the vegetarian quesadilla which was absolutely delicious and one of the best quesadillas I have had across UAE! The flavors were perfect and the portion is great too!

For our desserts we opted for chocolate brownie and apple taquitos. The brownie was the perfect consistency and I absolutely enjoyed! The taquitos were delicious too but a bit tart for my taste.

The best part about our visit? Aside from awesome food and killer music, they have an awesome outdoor seating option. My guest enjoyed the shisha whilst I was busy at the foosball table. The service is great and our server Mr. Damien was very knowledgeable and friendly.

Visit for? Friends and family outings, Shisha, ladies nights (30% off on food and bevs btw) , reasonable booze, wings eating competitions!

PS: Visited already? looking to gift a similar experience to your mates? OWAR also offers gift certificates that you can now gift to your foodie friends.

contact and location: 04 3596900, Level C, Liberty House, DIFC, Dubai

Parking : Available in same building, ticket validation required at restaurant reception.

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Extravagant Maison Rouge

If you have been to Vegas, live shows and dinner would be a familiar concept for you. However for those who haven’t, you can try this experience out right in the heart of Dubai! Maison Rouge offers a unique and thrilling experience to all. Performances for dance, live singing and magic and weaved into one beautiful story.
Besides the performances we tried some really good food. Flawless is probably the word I would use. Decadence, flavorful and exciting! We tried Georgian Kachapuri which was even better than the traditional version of it. Alongside, we also tried Pesto Burrata salad which was delicious as well. Since it was a dry night for me, I opted for cranberry mocktail which was refreshing and perfect to pair with my appetizers.
For our mains we opted for Chicken Roulade, Black & Truffle pasta. My guest enjoyed his chicken dish and even stated that he has never had a dish as unique as this. My truffle pasta was another hit! A perfect dish for vegetarians. I love truffle and this was the perfect amount in the dish.
For our desserts, we opted for three. Yup, it was my guest who wanted to try all out. We opted for Matcha tiramisu, white chocolate cheesecake & honey cake with berries. All three were delicious and our plates were swiped clean!
Service-wise, our lovely server Agnes was helpful and informative with the suggestions.
Overall, Maison Rouge is highly recommended for those who love to dine in style. This unique fine dining restaurant is one of a kind and great to celebrate special occasions. They have a good selection of drinks both alcoholic & not alcoholic to pair with some delicious dishes. The performances are from 8pm -10pm and 10-12am everyday.

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  • Full Bar Available
  • Valet Parking Available
  • Live Music
  • Drinking Age Applicable
  • Table booking recommended
  • Accepts Zomato Gold

Contact: 04 3528169 for reservations

Address: Mezzanine floor, Conrad hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre Area, Dubai

Maison Rouge - Conrad Dubai Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Friday Brunch At Nara Pan Asian

I love brunches as they are the best way to unwind on weekend. This week it was Nara that serves Pan asian cuisine.
What attracted me towards this brunch is the fact that every section of the brunch had choices for vegetarians. At this day and age where vegetarianism is a popular lifestyle choice, some brunch spots still disappoint by providing only salads! At Nara, things are different. There are multiple choices for vegetarians and non vegetarians to enjoy.
We started off with some delicious appetizers. Mine was the papaya salad which they absolutely nailed! Also the other dish, dynamite broccoli was so so good! I was only wishing the portion of these was larger..but well we had to move to the next course.
We tried out the unlimited dimsums from which my edamame truffle dimsum was heavenly! My guest opted for chicken ones which he liked as well.
Our next course was the sushi. I tried the veggie ones which were pretty average.
Moving to our mains, I went for the classic green curry with stir fried noodles whilst my guest opted for chicken katsu. My green curry was absolutely perfect! Creamy, slight heat from the red chilies and the fragrance of Thai basil. This green curry quickly climbed to my favorites list!
For the desserts we had a trio platter to share. Exotic fruit skewers (thai mango & dragon fruit), a pot of creme brulee & yuzu ice cream. I would happily skip these for another round of their delicious dimsums.
Our server was super friendly & great at suggestions! Everything from bao buns to dimsums is handmade by a chef of Asian ethnicity.
If you are looking to try out some delicious Asian cuisine, I highly recommend Nara to you.


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Brunch prices:
AED 199 (Inclusive of Soft Drinks)
AED 299 (Inclusive of House Beverages)
Reservations recommended.
Contact: 055 8390110
Location: Lake Level, Near Movenpick Hotel, Cluster A, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Dubai

NARA Pan Asian Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Breakfast Stories At Feast, Sheraton Grand

There is a saying that goes like ” have breakfast like a king, lunch like a Prince and dinner like a pauper”. That’s actually quite right because breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What’s better than starting your day at Sheraton Grand’s breakfast buffet?
A blogger friend ( check out Nikki’s blog Gooodcarbs) invited me for this tasting session. At first I was regretting waking up because it was the weekend and it was drizzling too. Parting with my bed was a difficult task but somehow I convinced myself as covering new places excites me.
Sheraton’s grand breakfast is like none other. They have live counters for pancakes your way, waffles and even stir fried noodles! All made fresh! The super sweet manager gave us a detailed tour of the entire spread! They had more variety than even some of buffets around the town.
For the health freaks there is also a gluten free and fat free option and no this was not on request, they always have these available considering the soaring demand. There is also a wide selection of fresh juices and smoothies for all.
My only dislike from the the range was Indian section as I felt better choice of dishes would have done justice to the cuisine. Nevertheless there were so many options that If you miss out on out section it shouldn’t be a big deal. Absolutely love the addition of ice cream to the breakfast buffet. Yes you read it right! They have delicious variety of ice creams ranging from sorbets to classics like chocolate.


If you are a UAE resident then you can get enjoy this grand breakfast treat for a little as Aed 69 by presenting your emirates ID.
Thanking Grand Sheraton always smiling staff for being so cooperative and letting us take delicious images of their stunning dishes. Everything is made in house freshly except the gluten free products which are sourced from trusted bakeries. Our server Viktor, an energetic chap was full of information about the buffet and did brief us on many of details.
Overall, Sheraton Grand’s breakfast buffet is a steal deal! Not saying this just because I was invited but because I have attended many corporate breakfasts at grandest of hotels. Either the prices are higher for the ones that offer everything like Feast restaurant does or there are limited vegetarian options. I am definitely going back especially for their bakery items such as tarts and croissants( I hope they start retailing them ’cause so good mmm..)
Grand Breakfast buffet deal is available at Feast restaurant. Visit Sheraton website ,  call +97145034444 for reservations or visit Feast - Sheraton Grand Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato  for menu
  • Kids friendly
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Complimentary WIFI
  • Vegan friendly
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • Helpful staff

Moshi – Summer Menu Review

A few weeks back we were been invited to Moshi’s blogger event to launch their new Summer Menu. I had to be there because I had heard so much about Moshi and the fact that they pay attention to vegetarian preparations in the most careful manner. Also they are so popular among so many of my friends. Along with this review, you will find excerpts from my tête-à-tête with the owner himself.

Since it was a blogger event, it was an absolute busy night for the restaurant, dishes, photos and more. So the service part of the the review could not exactly be covered but will cover the remaining aspects.

I started our tasting with some fabulous drinks. Strawberry Mojito and Lotus Milkshake. The Mojito was a bit tart for my liking but I really loved the bulb shaped glass it was presented in. The lotus milkshake on the other hand was yum! I was actually over with the obsession of Lotus biscuits but post this milkshake I fell in love with it again! It was thick, not too sweet but just perfect and freshly prepared.

For me, sushi is almost an uncharted territory because I was never fond of seafood and then post me converting to a strict vegetarianism I did not get many opportunities to try any vegetarian sushi. After the drinks, I had the cheesy oman chip sushi, broccoli & asparagus, cheetos sushi. The cheesy oman chips sushi was the best of three! Rolled in classic oman chips, filled with cream cheese we gobbled down the sushi and got some more of it! The broccoli and asparagus sushi was interesting one too. Stuffed with asparagus tempura, the broccoli sushi was delicious but a bit dry for my liking. The cheetos sushi was another new concept, each sushi roll was topped generously with cheetos chips, rolled in sesame seeds it tasted great but my heart would still go with the oman chips sushi.


I also got a chance to try BPD Dhokla Maki (Dhokla is steamed savory cakes from Gujrat, India) , Lebnah & Zaatar Maki and felafel Nigiri. The dhokla sushi was unique & delicious, I would have never imagined Dhokla in a sushi but wow this has amazed me on so many levels. The lebnah and zaatar maki was refreshing but average for me because the taste of zatar and lebnah has become an everyday thing for me. However it was interesting to see how these unusual ingredients were paired together and tasted well. The felafel nigiri was one of my favorites too. Felafel wrapped in nori wraps tasted fab!


felafel nigiri


dhokla maki


Lebnah zatar maki

We did want to try other vegetarian dishes however it was unfortunate that those were all sold out. However I will surely visit them again to try more of their deliciousness.

Overall, my guest and I enjoyed the tasting session and we even got a chance to add a Pink Asfoura Blog Lock at the restaurant 🙂 Some dishes were a hit, some were a miss but it was a fun tasting session and the good thing is that despite so much crowd the owner & the support staff did ensure to check with feedback from everyone personally.


With my chat with the owner Mr Rahul Sajnani , I was explained in detail for what goes in making the dishes so popular. Fresh Ingredients, on spot preparations and made to order dishes are one of reasons why Moshi is loved by most. The owner did highlight that for vegetarian dishes in particular the care is taken to prepare and serve them separately. The vegetarian dishes are served in white plates , while non vegetarian are served in orange plates. I also learnt that the rice used for sushi and maki rolls is gluten free and most of them are fat free too!

Seating area at the Oud Mehta Branch is casual with long sitting benches for groups and cozy corners for two all going with the theme of orange and white.

Visit them to try the delicacies mentioned above and more such as sushi burger, hot dog maki volcano roll and more.



Shop 5-6, Oud Metha Building, Near Lamcy Plaza, Oud Metha, Dubai or Barsha Behind Mall of Emirates

contact: 04 2759056

Moshi - Momo & Sushi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

#ZomatoMeetUp – Discovering Hypno Thai Brunch

Sawadika (Hello) my readers…

A few weeks back I was invited to a fantastic Hypnothai-sing brunch by Zomato team at Thiptara – Palace Downtown Dubai. It is always fun to meet up fellow bloggers and writers who share similar interests (food first!).


Overlooking Downtown Dubai & Burj Khalifa, Hypnothai brunch at Thiptara offers thai cuisine with a modern twist. I fell in love with the simplistic decor that incorporated statues of Lord Buddha and wooden panel work. The decor is perfect to compliment the crystal blue waters that the restaurant faces. The view is best enjoyable in the afternoons.


I was a bit late for the meetup and couldn’t take picture of the dining hall for viewing neither could I try out all the vegetarian appetizers. However I have loads to share of decor as well as rest of dishes we tried out.

For appetizers I had to prompt the staff thrice and finally I was brought fried tofu & vegetarian dimsums. I had to ask staff for assistance as the dishes lined up at the buffet area were not labelled. The fried tofu was extremely bland & the dimsums were delicate and delicious.

There is also a live salad bar where you can request a salad to be created as per your liking. Unfortunately I couldn’t enjoy that as well as they did not have arrangements for vegetarians.Such a shame, would have loved a custom salad with my choice of ingredients. However the friendly server did direct me to the pre-prepared delicious Som Tam Thai salad that made me salivate and ready for the main courses. The combination of the tangy papaya & crunchiness from the cashews was just perfect.



As soon as the main courses were announced, subtle aroma of jasmine rice filled the room and a server came with a basket full of them serving on each plate. The main courses though came a while after the rice. I felt the servers were a bit flustered as there was a major delay in serving main courses. Also I had to prompt them many times to get the right cutlery for the course. To be honest, the vegetarian choices in mains weren’t much. There was pad thai noodles & green curry. The pad thai noodles were quite dry & not exactly what I would expect in a restaurant specializing in South Asian cuisine. On the other hand the green curry was absolutely delicious! A bit sweeter than what traditional thai green curries are but it was beautifully perfumed and perfect accompaniment to the jasmine rice. The non vegetarians had a beautiful dish of lobster to look forward to and there was a beef dish as well. Both of which I was informed were delicious.(Watch slideshow below)

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There was a wide variety of drinks available both alcoholic & non alcoholic. I did not take a chance to try any as I was trying to recover from cold & flu issues. There was even fresh coconut water available and one of most interesting drinks was the cucumber soda. (Watch slideshow below)

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Coming to my favorite part, the desserts. There was a wide variety available and for a sweet tooth like me I was really glad that I tried most of them. The sticky rice pudding and the popping candy chocolate tart were two of my favorite amongst the range available. The presentation was spot on with edible flowers and petite tarts/ pastries the dessert table looked so inviting! Only dislikes were the taro cake & ripen banana fritters with chocolate sauce.


Even though Hypnothai brunch doesn’t offer much of vegetarians options, I would definitely come back to enjoy the view, the thai green curry & desserts. The ingredients used were of high quality & that reflected in the dishes that were served.

Hoping the service improves and also they add labels to dishes which is one of my reasons for lower rating. The servers should ensure the diners are aware of the dish they are consuming, the same was not informed at any time unless prompted.

I would suggest this place for casual Friday dates where you can drink, dine & enjoy the Dubai fountain shows.

Cost per person:

AED 260 with soft beverages

Aed 320 with house beverages

Aed 390 with house beverages + bubbly

For more information click here or contact – 04 2753077

We were also introduced to smoke free shisha at Fai Bar & lounge which is interconnected to Thiptara. I shall cover that in the next post.


Thiptara Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Free Entry For All At Al Ain Zoo With New Special Initiative – ‘Al Ain Zoo Free Reads!’

Are you a wildlife lover? Photography enthusiast like myself? Want to get up close with wildlife? Here is your chance. Read on to know how you could enter for free at Al Ain Zoo with their exclusive promotion.


Al Ain Zoo today reaffirms its status as a leader in education for the UAE with the launch of a new special promotion, ‘Al Ain Zoo Free Reads!’

From 1st October until the end of Abu Dhabi Science Festival (21st November), the Zoo will give free admission for each day that a customer brings any animal or other natural history book, shows and shares their support.

This initiative celebrates reading and learning, and promotes education about our core subject, the natural world. The timing coincides with and supports both Al Ain Book Fair and Abu Dhabi Science Festival.

The promotion is as easy as 1,2,3;

  1. Bring an animal or Natural History Book- 1 per person
  2. Get snapped with your book by our campaign banner
  3. Share it on social media for all to see you support reading and learning!

…. And then enjoy all the fun and educational encounters of the zoo, including our new Tour Guide experiences, Kashtah behind the scenes tour and amazing new UAE World Deserts featuring 4 special Arabian hilltop exhibits featuring Oryx, Gazelles, Tahr.

Al Ain Zoo Director General, His Excellency Ghanim Al Hajeri said “In many ways visiting a zoo is like reading a book. Both can provide a fun and engaging learning experience that opens your eyes to the beauty and truth of the world around you – and once you’re hooked it’s always part of your life.”

He added “We’re proud to be able to offer this initiative in support of these two great educational causes; reading and science. The zoo is a great place with beautiful green spaces in which to enjoy your favourite books and to encourage children to find their joy of reading, and what better topic to read about than our natural world.”

So whether you bring The Hungry Caterpillar, a university biology text book or Out of Africa, and whether you’re starting a new chapter in your life or already an avid book worm, Al Ain Zoo’s new offer is bound to be a bestseller and something you just can’t put down!

Leaving you all with a beautiful image I took at the Zoo.

Free Hair Expert Advice Offered By Rahua

The Amazon’s most potent beauty secret, Rahua, is a luxurious collection of 100% natural beauty products delivering transformative, gorgeous results. Rahua brings to the beauty world what the tribeswomen of the Amazon have known for centuries as the key to voluminous, lustrous locks.

The secret is now out, and you can see what the fuss is all about. For two weeks (Wednesday 1st– Wednesday 15th ) Rahua’s beauty experts will be excitedly awaiting your visit in Harvey Nichols beauty department, Mall of the Emirates. Offering advice on all your hair concerns, it is the perfect opportunity to ask the experts just how to calm your frizz, prevent those split ends, achieve envious bounce and shine, and restore your hair to its beautiful natural state – oh and stock up on Rahua! And because the team at Rahua is so excited to see you, they are offering a gift with two or more Rahua purchases too!

The Rahua range is 100% natural, made with Organic ingredients, gluten free and 100% vegan! It is created in collaboration with local Amazonian tribes and blended with only the purest of With a host of awards and a cult following of A-list celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and Johnny Depp, the luxurious Rahua collection features a range of products including shampoos, conditioners, hair mask, elixir, hair wax and finishing treatment.

Rahua empowers women all over the world by giving them beautiful, healthy hair and it provides a means by which the native women of the Amazon can support themselves, thus empowering them too.

The full Rahua range is available in Harvey Nichols and other select locations across the UAE, with prices starting at AED 180.


Summer is approaching, I want to prevent my hair from getting all frizzy and oily. I am definitely visiting for my expert hair advice. Rahua is one of my favorite Middle East launches of 2014. Read more about it in my previous blogpost that has the Shampoo and conditioner review too.

Text source- Official press release

Treat For Animal Lovers This weekend- Dubai Pet Festival

Very rarely do such awesome events happen in UAE where you get to enjoy with your family. I am very excited to pay a visit to Dubai Pet Festival happening this weekend.

I love animals and back home have helped my grandmother with raising pets like rabbits, ducks, cats, dogs, parrot, cow, sparrows and turtles. Animals understand their owners, they are loyal & loving creations of Lord.Pets are a blessing, they help many to overcome depression. If you are one of those who are bored of your national weekend sport a.k.a Shopping, I’d suggest to head down to this event along with your family,it is entertaining and educational.

Check out the poster for the event details. Entrance FREE for pets and pet owners.

**To enter the festival, pet’s owners must provide proof of vaccinations, and dogs will go through behavioral assessment where they will be categorized with three ribbon colors.



This pup was so cute..I had to post it.

Visit for more information on location and event details.

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SewPink! A Unique Event to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness!

I really wish my granny was here right now. She would have loved to participate in this Sew-athon that is happening at Dubai Marina Mall to raise Breast Cancer Awareness. I don’t know how to sew else would have participated myself.

Check out the poster for the event happening on 16th ,17th & 18th October.

Timings: 8pm-10pm

 Craftland in association with Brother is inviting all to volunteer & sew items for breast cancer patients.

Click on this link to register yourself for this event  – Register here 


Image courtesy- Detour UAE facebook page

Registration is free and open to all who can sew..Please do spread the word about this unique event.