Kiss Eyebrow Palletes + Swatches

I am sure we all have had our share of experiences where our eyebrows have been plucked, trimmed and its finally reached that point where it looks like an absolute disaster. I have had several instances in past of such but thanks to brands such as Benefit, Dior and Too faced who introduced brow kits. These brow kits have helped me fill the sparse areas and give my eyebrows a fuller look or as they say nowadays eyebrows on fleek.

My first brow kit experience was with Dior, it was my sister’s kit that I never gave her back because I loved it so much! In case you are someone who is new to brow kits or doesn’t want to invest much in it then I suggest you begin with KISS brow palletes. There are two types of palletes that I tested. Beautiful Brow Pallete & GoBrow Pallete

Beautiful brow pallete


A detailed pallete contains:

Two brow colors
Four stencils
Two sided applicator brush
Brow comb & razor
Brow wax & spiral applicator

This little kit is a wonder for those seeking budget friendly products as in one kit you get all the essentials. I really like the fact that there is a highlighter in there which helps in enhancing the look and make eyebrows more prominent. The two colors in the pallete and highly pigmented and when I tested these on my eyebrows they looked perfect. The two sided applicator brush is useful too as the edged brush can help you shape and the sponge applicator can help you fill the brow itself. The wax helps in achieving long stay look for the colors. Check out the swatches for this pallete.


My concerns though are on the razor as it’s a bit flimsy and I was scared to use it to trim the eyebrows to give that perfect shape. Also the stencils can give you an idea of how you want the shape the arcs but it’s not going to fit on eyebrows as everyone has different shapes.

This brow kit can easily replace your expensive kits any day. Best for home use as it doesn’t contain a mirror.

Watch Kiss beautiful brow kit tutorial here 

Ruby Kisses GoBrow pallete

Brow wax
Three Stencils



GoBrow is a compact pallete that can easily fit in your clutch or even wallet. It’s so light weighted and a perfect pallete to carry along for touch ups. As mentioned earlier the wax is really strong and gel like texture helps keeping the color intact. However if you are exposed to high heat like I do in Dubai then it’s recommended to touch up after 6 hours. The colors and the wax are both long stay. This pallete comes in three shades dark brown, black and rich chocolate brown, so you can choose based on your skin type. Go Brow Eyebrow Kit consists of three stencils that you can use to achieve a full arch, a medium arch and a slim arch.


Concerns are on the stencils provided which can basically be a guideline to perfect shape but I wouldn’t suggest to rely on the same. As we all know every brow is unique, not even our left matches with the right one.

I felt both the palletes equally useful and are super budget friendly. The colors provided and suitable to all skin tones and both the kits come with easy instructions to use the same. These may last you up to three months in case used regularly. I really like such drugstore products that do the job perfectly. Be a Browfessional with Kiss beauty brow kits!

Pro tip: Tested this brow pallete for a different use too. My friend had some gray foreline hair, quickly brushed some of the color from beautiful brow pallete on her hair and finished with a wax for long stay. Voila! It worked! 😉

Get your Kiss USA Brow palletes from leading supermarkets/hypermarkets & even pharmacies such as Aster, Boots and Bin Sina. Nail Decals

A good manicure can make your day and what can make it better is nail art transfers.

A few months back I met lovely Natalia from Nailshop is a very interesting website that offers you nail art transfers, magnetic nail polishes, nail art stencils and more such unique products.

I was provided some of their nail decals for reviewing and here are the results. At first I made a mistake in how to use the nail transfers. I thought it’s like a tattoo which gets stuck on the nail. It was silly of me to not watch the tutorial. However once I did watch the video, it was easy and quick!

STEP 1 Watch the nail art transfer tutorial here

STEP 2 cut out the desired nail art and dip it in water just for three seconds.

STEP 3 Carefully peel the transfer foil from the paper and apply on nail. Let it set and cut off the excess from the edges.

STEP 4 Gently apply a clear coat to finish the look!


I tried two of their designs and loved it so much. These transfer just cost AED 12 onwards and look gorgeous on the nails. Mine lasted for about a week and because I don’t like to overdo the designs I prefer applying the nail transfer on one nail and painting the remaining with solid colors.

Overall, love the look and my nails look so pretty! Have a look at the two patterns below.


Get your nails trendy and pretty with Contact them on +971 56 460 48 50 or


Salon Review: Kozma & Kozma

Ever since I started blogging, l have been trying to take the path unseen. Explore more and learn about new places and experiment with my style and most importantly with myself. Kozma and Kozma lovelies gave me an opportunity to review their service and I was thrilled to visit them.

unnamed (5)

As I enter the salon I was asked to be seated at their lounge area where I was asked to choose a complimentary drink. I went with Kozma & Kozma cocktail and was offered some sweeties from their sweets section. Pop rocks, gummies, heart candies you name it and they had it. I didn’t go for the sweets as I wasn’t in mood for them but the drink was fabulous!

unnamed (4)


Coming to my choice of service. It was Sombre or Balayage as some of you may know. These are more like subtle highlights that look absolutely gorgeous and natural. Since I have been donating my hair for years, I never colored them. However I figured out that lately they look extremely boring and change will lift them up and give a more interesting look. My balayage was done without any use of bleach and that’s because I had virgin hair.

Initially I was a bit confused of whether shall I go for a bright bold color such as pink or more softer hues that suit my skin tone. Kozma and kozma hair supervisor Julia advised me of softer tones to start with and maybe next time I can experiment with a bolder color. She bought out a hair color chart and started explaining how the color will look on me which really made me confident of my choice.

Julia is full of life and very eager to learn about different cultures. She is young but has experience of ages and has previously worked with Glow salon ( branch of Kozma & Kozma in Qatar). If you have to get your hair done, you’ve got to book with her.

I was completely relaxed and chilling with my drink while looking like an alien because of all the foils on my hair for the color to develop. While my color develops I was quickly taking some pictures of the decor because it is amazing!

unnamed (7)

unnamed (2)

Back from my little photo opportunities, I was taken to the Hairwash section where I was made to sit on a recliner sofa and was given a quick massage as well. A quick blow dry and my hair were ready to rock. Julia had added two colors for added effects on the hair. You might see in the slideshow below of how the color changes when hits the light vesus indoors.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Talking about the decor, all treatment rooms are private and design wise different but the color scheme of gold on white stays throughout. Their staff Leigh Ann who again is an absolute gem, escorted me to the rooms explaining all the services offered. Every room is well lit and beautifully structured. The popping pink from hints of gold and white create such a girly and relaxing atmosphere to be in. I fell in love with their massage room as you can see below, it is stone walled and so relaxing!

unnamed (1)

unnamed (3)

Kozma and kozma stocks all the latest brands such as Opi, Ciaté, Olaplex, Dermalogica and many more. Not only that they have quickly gained popularity with their unique services such as Snowman/Unicorn/Mermaid mani & pedi too. They have been featured in various newspapers & magazines throughout the region.

unnamed (6)

As far as prices are concerned, Kozma & Kozma are pretty reasonable for the services offered. For the staff, they have some fabulous ladies, all very well experienced and friendly. The products used are all of premium quality and the staff constantly keep explaining about what they are using on the customer so everyone is well aware.

The booking sms clearly states that kids below age of 11 & men are clearly not allowed in the salon. Which is fab because it gives you that ME time most of us yearn for.

To book yourself in, visit WEBSITE  or Call on  056 5544534 or 056 5544535

 Location: Opposite J3 Mall, Jumeirah

Follow them on instagram 

Follow them on Facebook

Discovering VANIDAY.

Often times it so happens that we want to book an appointment to our favorite salon but don’t have time to call them or completely forget about adding an appointment. I am one of those people too, I forget placing appointments all the time! Not only that.. but you can’t experiment with salons unless you personally visit them and find out about them. Thanks to Vaniday, all your salon appointments have been sorted.

When I came to know about the application, I was instantly sold on the idea because any app that would ease my work. Yes please! However at the same time I had my own concerns. Would it be easy to use? High tech? maybe my area isn’t covered? and most importantly, how would payments be made?

Vaniday is a free application that you can download on your smartphone or you could access their website to book salon appointments. They have a wide range of services such as hair, nails, spas, make up, massages & more available for both men & women. Let’s explore this app further and see the verdict.


Downloading & Discovering

Vaniday app is available on Google play store and App store .You can download the application or choose to browse their website. I personally preferred the application over the website as using the location tracking, Vaniday can track and list the salons nearest to you. Currently they offer bookings for Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

My hairdresser migrated from UAE and I am one of those that cannot adjust quickly to another one quickly. However I had to find one urgently so I set to explore with Vaniday and then found Beauty Balance Salon. Upon searching a bit on social media I found out that this new salon in town has had a lot of positive reviews. I was excited to try them out and booked my services though Vaniday.

The process of booking is really easy. Check out the steps below:

Explore: I could browse through menu of various salons in my area or any area for that matter. 


Book: I selected the service of my choice. I could select multiple services or one. The prices are clearly mentioned throughout the booking process so there is no room for doubts on the service charges. You can select the desired date & time for booking. If you haven’t already, you are required to log in/ sign up to move to the next step. 



You have an option to pay through the website, your information is secured OR you can opt to pay directly to the salon. In case if you have any coupon code, you can use that to avail discounts in this section.


Enjoy: Post booking, you just have to relax. A reminder email is sent to you with your booking details that have been confirmed. Free cancellation or rescheduling up to 12 hours before your appointment. You can read up the complete terms here.



Gorgeous Salon

When I visited the salon, they were well prepared as per my appointment and I didn’t even wait a minute. For payments I had informed that it was through Vaniday. That was it really!


vanidayreminderVaniday is a fantastic online platform that helps you with all beauty needs. Booking process is easy. It didn’t even take five minutes in total for the entire process and saved me from searching for prices and services. I was very satisfied with the whole experience and really didn’t have any issues with it. They also offer discounts on some salons, you can check the website for those. I did like the feature wherein the app gives pop up reminders about what services can be availed. You can also book your beauty services by phone on 052-428-4395 (for UAE only). Best to subscribe to their newsletter which will give you all the latest news & information on special vaniday packages. You could also gift a card to your loved ones.

Only possible drawback with the application/website is that you can only use the discount codes if you are paying through credit card. Some are reluctant to use the cards online but since this a secured site, I don’t  think any problem should occur.

About Vaniday

Vaniday offers salon/beauty booking services in Brazil, Australia, Russia, Italy, Singapore & UAE. For more details view their 

On Reviewing Desk: Izil Multi-purpose Argan Oil

I love using multipurpose products as they provide you the option to use the product in your own way. One such fantastic product that we are talking about today is Izil’s multi-purpose argan oil. This bottle of goodness is harvested from Argan tree manually by the Berber women. Argan oil has incredibly high concentration of Vitamin E (twice as much as Olive Oil), antioxidants, carotenoids, polyphenols, and fatty acids including Omega 3, 6 and 9.


When I first got the bottle to try out, I was just trying it out on my hands & feet to check how it reacts to my skin. Once it started suiting me, I tried it out on my hair too. Given below are my observations made in trial that I did for a month.

Skin: As mentioned previously, I started with hands & feet to see how the product reacts to my skin. As it’s a natural product, I didn’t face any issues such as redness or itching. It leaves a healthy sheen on the skin and the difference is visible but it did take time for the same to reflect. As it’s winter, I did try the product on my skin instead of moisturizer. Works well but then again if I don’t apply it regularly the difference wouldn’t reflect. Surprisingly, the product did help with lightening of the under eye circles & strengthening of nails.

Hair: Applied Argan oil and left it overnight to see the effects next day. Honestly the product did not work on my dry hair type. I couldn’t find any difference on the hair after a wash so I am unable to decide whether or not I should continue applying it on my hair.

Overall, Argan oil is one of those products I would recommend everyone to have at home. It mat not be as common as petroleum jelly but this natural product can do wonders to your skin and nails.  The spraying nozzle makes it easier to spray equal amount of oil and the bottle is easy to carry around.


Easy to use nozzle spray

Cost : AED 250

Purchase from: IZIL BEAUTY 


A Skin Care Resolution that is easy to stick to!

When making resolutions for 2016, working out or eating healthier may be at the top of your list. But, why not also make a resolution to be good to your skin and commit to making some positive changes? After all, you’ll wear your skin every day for the rest of your life. Making a few simple changes and tweaks in the New Year can yield lasting, radiant results.

When it comes to our faces, we don’t rely on just anyone to tell us what our skin needs to get that ever-elusive glow. Instead, we turn to our skin-care favourite Human+Kind who know just what it takes to get radiant and beautiful skin.

Human+Kind All-In-One Wash Off Facial Cleanser is a rich, chemical-free, facial cleanser that delivers exceptionally soft, clear and completely clean skin. Including a free luxurious deep-cleansing cloth that lathers away excess dirt, face and eye make-up, your skin will be left feeling clean and refreshed. It’s hard working formulation exfoliates dead skin cells, cleanses and moisturises to soften wrinkles and reduce ageing, and gives skin an overall natural, radiant glow.

Crammed full of healthy nutrients, the Facial Cleanser contains super ingredients such as Centella Asiatica extract which boosts circulation, improves the collagen foundation of the skin, and fights oxidation. The ever- powerful Aloe Vera penetrates the skin supplying moisture directly to the tissues and improves skin tone and colour by increasing the blood flow to the areas of application, reducing skin redness. An addition of Cocoa Butter provides extra moisture and keeps skin smelling delicious and feeling soft.

Why not begin the New Year with a new you and make Human+Kind All-In-One Wash Off Facial Cleanser a daily part of your beauty regime… say goodbye to those old cells, and hello to beautiful skin!

Human + Kind All-in-One Wash Off Facial Cleanser

8de3bc0b-cdab-41df-9ea4-d06b0e267535Human + Kind All-in-One Wash Off Facial Cleanser with re-useable deep cleansing cloth retails for AED 85. A pack of 2 re-useable deep cleansing cloths is also available for AED 35.

Human + Kind products are available in Boots the Pharmacy, United Pharmacies, Organic Foods & Café, Make Up Etc. in Palm Strip Mall Jumeirah, The Change Initiative, and Down To Earth, as well as online through &

To learn more about the story of the Human+Kind brand, log on to

Text and Image source: Official Press Release

Friday Fragrance Review – Clinique Aromatics in White

Aromatics in White was launched in UAE in September 2015. This product is recent successor of the oldest fragrance range from Clinique which is Aromatics Elixir. I have tried Aromatics Elixir and that fragrance is class apart! So does Aromatics in White match the greatness of Aromatics Elixir? Read to know more..

Clinique Aromatics in White arrives in an all white box with gold details. Continuing with the color scheme the flacon is white with the name of the perfume inscribed in gold & the nozzle too. I am not a fan of fancy flacons because once the fragrance is over, the flacon is of no use. This one is perfect for me.


My first try was at the Paris Gallery store, the fragrance at the beginning is tart but has a beautiful depth. Its delicate, sophisticated and a great fragrance that lingers on from day to night. The fresh long lasting fragrance from orange blossom, Patchouli & my favorite rose excites the senses. Also the floral scents are strong on this one but at the end the amber keeps the fragrance last longer and gives that middle eastern touch to the fragrance. For those of you who aren’t fans of the strong amber this one is a perfect fragrance because it is used in a very subtle manner. I fell in love with Aromatics in White at the very first try and kept the tester strip with me as a reminder that I have to get this for myself. Luckily, Clinique Arabia gifted me one the very next week! Couldn’t get luckier than that..


Overall, Aromatics in White has all the qualities to be the next classic from Clinique. Its already gaining a huge popularity and a perfect fragrance for the women of today. Whether you wear it to work or parties, this scent is sure to be a hit everywhere! The petite flacon design makes it perfect to carry around, especially when travelling.

Available sizes: 30ML, 50ML, 100ML

Top Notes

Sichuan pepper, Violet Leaves & Labdanum

Heart Notes

Roses ,Orange Blossom & Patchouli

Base Notes

Amber, Musk, Benzoin & Vanilla.

Price: 68$- 120$

You can purchase at: Debenhams, Paris Gallery & Sephora stores in the middle east. Also I found this product at

International Giveaway Alert! Beauty Basket Up For Grabs!

Its been a year & more to P.A.B. For all the love on my blog and social media, I have decided to giveaway a cute basket full of beauty goodies. Read on to know more..

Firstly let’s look at the awesome basket:

Ooooo nice isn’t it?

It contains the following products:

  • Victoria’s Secret Lustrous Hold Hairspray
  • Victoria’s Secret Hydrating Secret Charm Body Lotion
  • Neutrogena Spot Control Daily Scrub
  • Make Up Forever Aqua Cream Eye Shadow
  • One Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Varnish
  • Samples from Jergens, Rahua Luxury hair care, Nivea (not pictured here and I will keep adding more samples till the end of giveaway)

How To Win?

Winning is easy peasy with Pink Asfoura Blog. All you need to do is follow any of Two steps below or both!

Option 1: Subscribe to the blog & leave a comment below with your name, country and email address with which you have subscribed.

Option 2: Follow me on Instagram @PinkAsfouraBlog and repost the entry using #PABgiveaway . No restrictions at reposting, you can repost as many times as you want and most importantly invite your friends to participate in the giveaway as well. Comment with your name, country & invite 5 friends to join the giveaway.

Follow me on Facebook & Twitter.

Terms & Conditions

  • Giveaway is worldwide, delivery costs will be taken care by me.
  • Delivery will be arranged for areas only covered by Aramex Couriers
  • There will be only one winner that will be selected at random from combined entries of blog & instagram.
  • Winner will be asked to email a copy of identification document
  • Contest ends on 20th November 2015
  • This giveaway is not sponsored by any brand and all products are purchased by me. The samples are something that I have received for reviewing.
  • Participants that unfollow the blog/instagram accounts after the giveaway ends will be noted & banned from future Pink Asfoura Giveaways.

Belle Époque from Lipstick Queen

“Give your lips some ‘joie de vivre’!” – Poppy King

Belle Époque is a range of three hydrating and tinted balms that bathe the lips in nourishment and comfort, whilst adding a hint of color. Rich, non-sticky and instantly soothing, these balms are fortified with an algae extract rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 as well as moisturising Shea Butter and anti-oxidant Vitamin E. With regular use, they improve moisture levels in the lips and minimise water loss thanks to Rice Lipids. A subtle hint of flattering and wearable color is the final Lipstick Queen touch for a beautifully natural lip look.

  • Three nourishing and hydrating lip balms with a hint of flattering colour
  • Three shades: Belle Nude, Belle Pink and Belle Wine
  • Enriched with Omega 3, 6 and 9 as well as Shea Butter and 
anti-oxidant Vitamin E
  • Rice Lipids minimise water loss and moisture levels in the 
lips are improved over time

Belle Époque from Lipstick Queen will be available exclusively in Bloomingdales and Areej from October 2015. Each balm costs AED 140.


Text & Image Source: Official Press Release

Do Your Hair Ties Constantly Go Missing? Hershesons are here to help!

Where on earth do all my hair ties disappear to?

Are you one of those people who is never able to find their hair tie? You fling it in your bag and then poof – it’s gone for all eternity. It’s bad enough when the washing machine randomly eats a sock here and there, but when you have 50 hair ties one day and only two the next, you know there’s a problem. If only there was a way to know where they all went! But if finding lost hair ties proves too difficult or just consumes more time than you’re willing to spend, maybe the best course of action is just to have a solid way to organise the hair ties that prevents them from getting up and wandering away in the first place.

It’s time to bring the hair-tie-black-hole under your control with the Hershesons mini tins. Hershesons have sourced the best, snag-proof and most durable materials for their hairbands to ensure they can hold the thickest and lushest of ponytails, whether it’s your own or you have had a helping hand from Hersheson hair pieces.

Every tin contains 25 large hairbands, each made from a strong, thick elastic to withstand big, voluminous hair, but also keep even the thinnest hair tied back securely in place. Hershesons hairbands come in a range of three colours; blonde, brown and black to suit all shades of hair. And the best bit; the hairbands are supplied in a handy storage tin which makes it difficult to lose them!

Luke Hersheson, co-founder and creative director for Hershesons, travels the globe shooting with the world’s top models and getting A-list celebrities red carpet ready. Finally uncovering the secrets of his kit bag, Hershesons’ hair apothecary is a pioneering range of hair-must haves that are used by Luke and his team every day in salon, on shoots and at shows. Hershesons hair ties are priced at 60 AED and are available exclusively at Sephora. For more information visit


Text & Image Source: Official Press Release