Restaurant Review: Gorgeous Parlour Boutique

Parlour boutique is a quaint cafe located next to iconic trade center. The venue is popular for road shows and also for business lunch spots.
The restaurant has tasteful decor and lovely patisserie on display. There is outdoor seating as well which is just perfect for this weather. We tried summer salad consisting of burrata, grilled peaches & red onions. The dish was just a perfect start to our meal. My guest opted for baked Camembert, warm & cheesy dish was paired with assorted jams & breads. We also happen to try the avocado toast with watermelon salsa, eggs Benedict palour style, grilled vegetable tartine & truffle scrambled eggs.
While I am not a fan of eggs in savory dishes, my guest relished the Benedict & scrambled eggs. My vegetarian tartine options were plated beautifully & tasted delicious too!
To end our meal we tried not one or two but five different desserts. Ranging from cakes to eclairs. Everything is really reasonable & tasted really good. The best part about all the dishes were that they were really fresh!


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For drinks I opted for kale smoothie which I would highly recommend to try. Also their new edition November rain, full of berries is a delight to try!
All the dishes are totally instagrammable & the plating is minimalistic but gorgeous! Totally a feast for ones eyes!
The restaurant offers a complimentary valet service for diners & has recently introduced afternoon tea concept as well. If you are looking to impress a date or just a casual hangout, I strongly suggest to try this hidden gem out!
Location: Ground Floor, Unit 1, One Central Building, Trade Centre Area, Dubai
Contact: 04 3865333
  • Breakfast
  • Home Delivery
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Wifi
  • Desserts and Bakes

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Best Of Both Worlds At Scoozi Dubai

Dubai Mall is my absolute favorite place to be as I do my cardio here.. I mean my shopping . Along with plethora of brands and stores popping in there is a wide variety of dining options available too!

Spotted Scoozi in Dubai Mall that serves the two most popular cuisines, Japanese and Italian. At first I was wondering which cuisine to choose but since there was large variety my guests and I decided to order the best from both.

They have fantastic selection of coolers to begin with. My favorite of all was the strawberry cooler, so refreshing & the fruit flavor bursts out making even the most warmest days go cool. For appetizers my guests & I selected mozzarella crocante, vegetable spring rolls, Tricolore (burrata dish) and avocado maki. Surprisingly everyone voted for avocado maki & crocante to be the favorites from this set of courses. Rest of the dishes werent less delicious but these two were just perfect!


For mains we all went italian as vegetarian selections were not too many in japanese. We ordered a Margarita pizza, gnocchi quattro formaggi, ravioli & Farfelle Al Funghi.  Our favorite was definitely the gnocchi quattro formaggi as it was so creamy & so rich! All their dishes are well portioned and their pasta are all fresh! My guests were truly impressed with the main courses & so was I.

For desserts we opted for Chocolate fondant & Flourless chocolate cake. Both of them rich, chocolaty and simply superb! Lacked a bit in presentation but overall tasted really good!

My only concern was the service as it was a bit slow post the appetizers and the staff were hesitant to give their suggestions on the dishes. Also they weren’t attentive enough as many a times I had to repeat my queries.

Pro tip: If you ask for a table towards the fountains you get the perfect view without having to stand in crowds or even in heat for that matter of fact. Paired with delicious food, Scoozi makes the perfect place to dine in.

contact: 04 3399406 or 800726694 for reservations. 

Scoozi has two branches JBR & Dubai Mall.

  • Vegetarian Friendly
  • vegan friendly
  • takeaway available
  • Salad Bar available
  • Family style dine in area
  • Sushi Conveyor belt

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Waffle Mania With Waffle Factory!


Perks of being a blogger is that it gives me privilege to try latest offerings way before others do. Also I can sense a craze from miles ahead and one such craze in Dubai is chocolate waffles. There are many establishments offering chocolate drizzled/dipped/doused waffles but hey I am always the one who want to enjoy the authentic way. So my dear readers I have discovered the traditional Belgium waffles which no doubt are created to perfection at Waffle Factory.

Conveniently located at Burjuman, this little store is filled with waft of chocolate and waffles ( I wish they could sell that beautiful fragrance in a bottle or candles perhaps). Waffle Factory is a franchise of the official Waffle Factory located in Belgium, right from the pearl sugar to the flour is provided by the original outlet. My tête-à-tête with the franchise owner Neha gave me an insight to how a franchising works. The secret recipes are shared to the franchisee and everything has to meet the standards of the franchiser. Which basically means that the diners enjoy the best quality and experience as they would in Belgium. The decor goes with the theme of popping red from black background which is similar to the logo.

The menu is limited but everything looks so yum! After careful thoughts I opted for Vegetarian lunchwaf, which is basically like a pizza base created in shape of waffle stuffed with sundried tomatoes, olives and mozzarella with tomato sauce. If I was working anywhere close to Burjuman, I would definitely be ordering a Lunchwaf as it’s not at all messy and a perfect handheld sandwich that can be consumed while on go.


For drinks I opted the super refreshing Swiss chocolate ice cream shake which was in one word was simply divine!

They also serve Leige waffle which is a heavier waffle and can be used for loading with toppings. So I did exactly that! Went with a combo of raspberry sorbet and dark chocolate. Though I felt I should have opted for chocolate ice cream on chocolate this waffle was a bit dense and I could replace it for a meal in itself.


My next to try was Brussels Waffle. I loved this one so much! It was light and caremalises on sides, the toppings were banana slices on one side and fresh strawberries on other. To complete the waffle I opted a drizzle of nutella and boy it was heavenly! The waffle itself is not sweet and serves as a perfect holder for any kind of toppings.


My final Waffle to try was the sandwich Waffle or the Waffine, I went with the Lotus spread stuffing. This waffle is again slightly heavier and topped with whipped cream it tasted delicious! More like a soft biscuit but fun to try.


Besides Waffles, WF offers premium quality milkshakes, movenpick ice creams and smoothies. They also serve hot beverages such as tea and coffee which are carefully selected and are of top most quality. The open plan kitchen gives customers a chance to view how their waffles are made. Everything is neatly stacked and the staff are quick in whipping out delicious dishes . Strict attention is paid to details but everything is kept simple and easy considering the mall culture.

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Overall it’s a great place to be and enjoy some delicious waffles both savory & sweet. If you are ever stuck with what to order then don’t hesitate to take the advise of the manager and franchise owner, Neha. She is bubbly girl and has knowledge of each and every offering at the store. Since winter is coming, I am definitely seeing the waffle trend only going up up and up! So go and try them the authentic way at Waffle Factory.

Ps: WF is super affordable with prices as low as aed 15 and they even offer combos.

Check out their menu on Waffle factory Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato or contact 04 3203757

UAE’s First Sweet Subscription Box- The Gingerbread Box Review

I first heard about The Gingerbread Box when they participated at the Taste of Dubai Fest this year. A very exciting concept indeed, its like a Glambox but instead of beauty products you get sweet treats!

As a person who has sweet tooth, The gingerbread box is a perfect way to treat yourself on cheat day. There are themes in which you get to try at least five different sweet treats, these themes are a surprise and are only revealed when you get the box. Also the sweet treats are gourmet and unique finds from nook & corners of UAE.

Before I review the April Box, lets find out the on how you can subscribe to one. step1

1- Register with them & click on subscribe. Choose the number of boxes you would like to receive/gift.




2) Select option, click ‘add to cart’ and you will be directed to this page wherein you can request to add personal note to be included/ gift wrapping of box.




3) Enter address & details for shipping. Choose the method of shipping & payment option. You are done! 🙂


April TGB Review

At first I wasn’t sure of what to expect, I mean this is my first dessert box and after all I didn’t have anything to compare on. At same point of time I was extremely excited to know what sweet treats I am going to receive.

The mystery was unveiled when I received my box, it was a quick delivery. So this is how it looks like..

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When I got the box, I felt like it was a present from me to me. So much fun to try out five gourmet delights for a mere price of AED 89 onwards. If I were to order these individually the sweet treats would certainly cost more.

My box contained very unusual mix of some well known brands. I have heard of most of these but had not tried them. In a way this box is kind of a sampler to me. As a food & lifestyle blogger I should be aware of unique finds and TGB curators have done that job already. There was a card mentioning the theme & also explains the contents of each products and allergy information which is essential.

My box contained the following products:

Russian Tea Bread by Baker & Spice – A perfect crisp bread full of nuts and my favorite fig. Delight to dip with some tea or have it by itself.

Artisan Rock Candy by Candy Me: Colorful candies full of flavor.

Irish Rose Shortbread by Zo’s Kitchen – an absolute delight, these little wonders are perfectly flavored with rose. I am not a person who loves flowers in my food but this shortbread was just subtly perfumed & delicate in taste.

Legendary Gluten free Brownie by Oushe: I am a brownie fanatic and very particular about them. I bake them but cant perfect them. However I think I found the perfect ones. These legendary brownies have been featured in this box for two months for a reason. Soft, moist, gooey & gluten free!

Glazed Zucchini Chia Cake by Barsalata : Who said cakes aren’t healthy? Mine had Zucchini & chia which are two of my favorite ingredients and perfect for that cheat day treat!

Check out the slideshow below for all the goodies I tried.

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Overall, TGB has been an amazing experience for me. Two big finds from the box were the Barsalata Glazed Zucchini & Chia cake & the Legendary Oushe brownies. Both of these I had heard of but never got a chance to try until now. A bit disappointment was the Artisan candies which were nice but not exciting enough. Different though. Also the box contains product supplier information & discount vouchers which is great for orders post first trial.

If you are someone like me, cracking head on what to gift your loved ones, TGB is a great option. Your loved ones can enjoy the goodies, feel special & if you are lucky they might share some with you too! Fun idea isn’t it? Be it a guy or a girl everyone (well almost) loves sweet treats and TGB’s special curated boxes can just be a perfect surprise.

Order from: Gingerbread Box

Like them on: Facebook & Instagram

 P.S: The box was provided to me for reviewing purposes, however the views remain unbiased as always. xx 






Recipe: Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Instagram posts especially those of food serve as great inspiration to many. One such inspiring post was by a Dubai based blogger Karen Mclean. Inspired by her yummy dish, I have created my own version.

You need:

12 fresh strawberries (remove the leaves from top)

100grms Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate (70% cocoa)

1/2 cup Granola cereal with or without nuts


Melt the dark chocolate in a microwave for 40 seconds. Check if it has melted or repeat the process until the chocolate has melted & has become smooth.

Dip the whole strawberries in melted chocolate & coat the granola cereal on them. Repeat the process until all the strawberries are done.

Arrange strawberries in a dish and refrigerate for 1/2 hour. Serve chilled 🙂

Its fast, easy & a quick snack or an alternative to dessert ❤






Weekly Photo Challenge- Today Was A Good Day!

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Today Was a Good Day.”

Yesterday I had a fab fab day! I got a surprise off from work as our servers had issue, my bestie came back from her Europe trip and bought some delicious chocolates. Also we ended up making profitroles, something that I could not make alone.The choux pastry is my weakness but she has mastered the art.. So here it is the fruit of our four hour labor..Pretzel Chocolate Profitroles.

Hope you liked my interpretation of a good day. Follow me on Instagram for more amazing images.

Summer Special Recipe – Rustic Peach Tart

A while back I posted a picture of this delicious dish on one of my social media channels. Many had requested the recipe but I was still trying to get a hang of the technique to make the perfect Pâte Brisée pastry (French Shortcrust pastry). Finally I feel I have found the perfect ratio of ingredients. Peaches are best available in Summers and are absolutely delicious on their own but combined with Pâte Brisée pastry they taste heavenly!

Pâte Brisée Pastry:

  • 1 cup Flour
  • 4 tsp Ice Cold Water
  • 80grms Chilled salted butter
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 1 tsp Sugar

For Peach filling:

  • 2 Peaches thinly Sliced
  • 1 tbsp Condensed Milk
  • 1 tsp Brown Sugar
  • 1/2 tsp grated nutmeg
  • 1/2 cinnamon powder

Combine the dry ingredients together and set aside. Chop the butter into small cubes and ensure it is kept in chilled area. With back of a spoon, slowly combine the butter and the dry ingredients. The mix should be course and should resemble like biscuit crumbs. Add chilled water and quickly combine the mixture. Wrap the mix in a cling wrap and refrigerate for an hour.

In a bowl, combine grated nutmeg, cinnamon powder and condensed milk. Add Sliced and de-stoned peaches along with the condensed milk mix.

After the pastry has been chilled for an hour, remove from the refrigerator. Roll out the pastry into a rough round on lightly floured surface. Pastry should be around 1/5 inch thick to hold the fruit’s juices. Transfer the pastry onto a baking sheet that should be lined with parchment paper. If you don’t have parchment paper at home, you can line with butter and sprinkle flour on it. This will avoid the pastry to stick on the baking sheet.

With a fork, create small holes in the pastry all around. This will allow the pastry to cook well. Leaving two inches border, you can start arranging the peaches as you like. I love creating layers so I lined them in layers, fold the borders to give look of a basket. Sprinkle brown sugar on top and bake it in a pre-heated oven for about 30 minutes on 220c. Remove from oven once golden brown.

Makes around four 10 inch tarts


Serve warm with a dollop of fresh cream or some quenelled vanilla Ice cream and a sprig of mint. 


Summer colors everywhere.. love this dish! 

Tips and Tricks:

  • Vegans can try the dish with Almond meal and bind with banana and chilled almond milk.
  • You can avoid condensed milk, I added the same to bring shine to the peaches.
  • Pâte Brisée pastry can be used for savory tarts as well. Common ingredients like cheese, baby tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli and many more can be used for savory tarts.

Have a variation to the recipe? Any suggestions? Did you try it? I’d love to hear your thoughts!