The Babyfoot Experiment

Generally I have smooth feet as I keep getting pedicures. However past month and half have been a nightmare. Finding apartments and then moving into one. All this left me with no time for myself and resulted in horrible looking feet. By horrible I mean really dry, rough heels and I had to hide them by wearing closed shoes all the time.

I took my roughed  up feet as the perfect opportunity to try out Babyfoot which was sent to me by their PR team. Babyfoot is a Japanese product tried and tested by bloggers worldwide. The results are satisfying for most but the process.. well not exactly beautiful.



The product comes with two lavender scented gelled booties and a sheet of tape to secure the plastic booties at ankles.


Super simple! Just soak your feet in water for about 10 – 15 mins. Once done, pat them dry and wear the booties. Secure with the given tape and do not move! Though the product doesn’t mention to stay still but I would certainly prefer not moving in those plastic booties so that the product works its magic.

The product mentions 60 minutes but as I was watching a movie, I completely forgot to remove them until it was 90 minutes. No harm to the feet and no itchiness whatsoever. I felt like some oil was applied on my feel and slightly slimy as I removed the booties.


Day 1: Slight white marks on the heel and sole of my feet.

Day 2: Gets a bit freaky as the dry skin starts detaching itself.

Day 3: More dry skin peeling off, I covered my feet all the time during peeling process as it looks a bit weird.

Day 4: Slowly tugged out the peels to reveal soft skin beneath.

Day 5 : complete peeling was over and now baby soft skin revealed. The package mentions that peeling process may take upto two weeks, maybe that’s for worst case scenarios.

Post peeling care

It is recommended to not use any lotions and even scrubs for feet as all dead cells are already removed in peeling process.

The key to peeling is soaking your feet everyday post application for atleast 15 minutes as this softens the skin and helps in removing the dead skin.

Product is recommended to use once in every two months.


I really liked the product except the peeling process that really is unique and a grossly satisfying experience. The product certainly delivers the promise of baby like feet. This revolutionary product is designed to soften the toughest of heels. What makes it so effective is the addition of keratolytic ingredients such as lactic acid, salicylic acid, alcohol & glycolic acid.

Babyfoot is available on and in all leading drugstores & hypermarkets.

Ps: I took pictures of peeling process but I don’t want to share them as its not really a appealing sight)


Veet Sensitive Precision™ Beauty Styler Review

My long time beautician & a dear friend :”I am going for a vacation”
Me: please don’t go! who will do my eyebrows? *puppy eyes*

I am okay to get anything else done other than my eyebrows at any other salon. However when I am away from my favorite beautician, I feel scared to even try out any new salon for my eyebrows.

Being an Asian, I am blessed with super thick eyebrows that don’t take much time to grow. I don’t wish to ruin the shape but the problem is how do I maintain it? I am sure many of you have faced this problem too. Especially when one is travelling, you can’t really pack your beautician with you.

Our prayers have been answered ladies! Veet’s sensitive precision trimmer is an easy way to maintain the shape of your eyebrows & keep it always on fleek! Besides eyebrows, this lovely trimmer can also be used for trimming sensitive body parts such as bikini and underarms.


Let’s find out the benefits as described on the pack:

Introducing the NEW Veet Sensitive Precision™ Beauty Styler, designed for use on the face, underarms and bikini area where skin is more sensitive and requires more gentleness.
It’s quick and gentle with cutting blades that don’t touch the skin, so no fear of cuts! And thanks to its two different sized trimming heads and dedicated accessories you can achieve high precision whilst shaping and styling

How to Use

Use the desired trimmer head to achieve the perfect shape of your brows or bikini line. The additionally comb attachments are ideal for achieving a uniform hair length for the perfect finish. Use on dry skin only.

Hazards and Cautions

• Please read all instructions before using this product
• If your skin is sensitive, allergic to cosmetics, or easily irritated when shaving, please try on arms or legs before using the product
• Do not use with shaving gel or foam. Use on dry skin only
• Do not dismantle
• Keep out of reach of children

My review

On eyebrows: Loved it! it’s effortless and you can’t feel the blade but it does the job really well. The styler along with the eyebrow trimmer though I felt was a bit too big and instead I felt comfortable to use the blade without styler brush.

On sensitive areas: I generally prefer waxing bi-weekly to get rid of hair in these sensitive areas such as bikini and underarms. This time I tried Veet trimmer, it’s definitely not like a full fledged epilator and the process of trimming these areas is really slow. I somehow felt the blades should have been a bit sharper for as the hair growth is generally thicker.


– Perfect for carrying while travelling
– Easy eyebrow trimming tutorial
– Good to even trim hair in smaller area
– no risk of cuts! literally not, I tried it personally and the blades are safe to use.
– Reasonably priced
– doesn’t require and shaving gel/cream application prior usage.
– wireless
– Cleaning brush included


– battery operated! I would prefer it being with charging device.

– works only on dry skin, cannot be used in water

– Battery wears off soon!

– needs noise cancellation! there is too much of a buzzing sound while using the device which is a bit distracting.

-instructions manual : a tad bit of clarity on instructions paper is required for users to understand how to use the product.

– needs eyebrow stencil

Final Verdict

There is a reason why this sensitive trimmer is marketed more like eyebrow shaper. Definitely does wonderful job of trimming eyebrows and keeping the shape intact. I have tried the general blades and even electric blades for eyebrows earlier and I made a disaster out of my eyebrows but thanks to Veet,  I will not face that issue anymore. The USP of this product is the blades which promise no cuts and is exactly that! good for those who have hyper sensitive skin because I have it too but Veet styler doesn’t cause any redness.

I am unsure of the bikini area and underarms as I would have loved if the blades were a bit sharper for this. The product cannot be used in showers as it cannot be in contact with water. The blades can be separated and washed.

Overall, I am glad that a Veet has innovated such a wonderful product that is so easy to carry. Perfect for busy women of today!

Veet Sensitive Precision Trimmer is available in all leading hypermarket, supermarkets and drugstores across UAE, currently retailing at AED139.

Click here to watch Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler – Tutorial

Reviewing 7th Heaven Beauty Products-Part 2

As I mentioned in the earlier post, 7th heaven products are really reasonable and effective. Now I was sent quite a few of masks so it took time to try them all but I finally did it! Also many of you have been inquiring of the prices for these facemasks and since they have huge variety, I decided to add a photo of the entire section which I took at the nearest Carrefour as Spinneys near my house just closed down :(. Hope that helps you folks.

I tried these masks are results are below:


Argan Oil Mud Mask

While Mud masks generally absorb off the excess oil that skin produces they tend to dry off the skin too. That’s certainly not what we are looking for.. now 7th heaven has introduced a well balanced formula to work both ways. The Mediterranean Clay absorbs the excess oil while the Argan oil does the moisturizing magic. Paired with subtle scents Jasmine, Chamomile and Vanilla this masque does the trick! My skin a combination of dry & oily felt so much better after the use of this masque. This is by far the most impressive Sachet face masque I have tried.

Pulped Papaya Rescue Masque – Hair & Roots

These Herbalist at 7th Heaven are creating magic with these masques! Just when you thought they had ended with series of facemasks, 7th heaven introduces hair and root masque. Simple application, just follow the instructions as per the pack. The difference is noticeable as soon as hair have dried. The goodness of all those botanical oils & papaya  made my hair shiny & the fragrance lasted for about good 8-10 hours. One disadvantage is that one sachet was not enough for my shoulder length hair. I had to use two of these to cover the entire area.

AloeVera Face Spa

Aloevera comes with a lot of healing and moisturizing properties. Some prefer to drink aloevera juice for healthy skin (which is yuck btw, I tried it once) and some apply the aloe gel on the skin directly. The gels are available across drugstores but they do get mixed with chemicals and the original plant gel will only save your skin for upto days unless applied every week consistently. In such scenarios, it is best to use a aloevera mask by 7th heaven. Needs a weekly application, skin felt clean but not much difference though. I think this mask needs multiple applications to see the difference. I tried only twice.

Banana & Honey Masque

If you have been my blog follower for a long time then I am sure you definitely know how crazy I am about DIY beauty. I had even created a DIY masque blogpost last year you can have a look here) Now Honey & Banana are age old combination for good skin. So if you dont have time to make your own mask, this one works just fine. Lightens the skin, makes its brighter & radiant!

Tea Tree Masque Sheet

Tea tree oil has been known to treat acne problem. Now since I dont have much acne I thought to experiment this masque on my sister who has acne issues during PMS. You can choose to use the mask otherwise too as there is no harm in that, it will definitely help in increasing the radiance. Anyhow my trial on the sister was successful and I was so right about the acne reduction. Her acne did actually dry out the very next day and within a week the skin was clearer! Acne prone people.. this masque maybe a blessing in disguise!

Overall it was a fun thing to experiment with all these masques and understand the properties, advantages and disadvantages of each. Actually disadvantages are so minor because these masques are herbal and made with fresh ingredients. Also these products are so budget friendly that even if I buy 10 masques I am still paying under 100AED (36$)

I am adding a high res image below..just click on the image and you will be able to zoom in to see the prices.


New Giveaway! – I love 7th Heaven Products!

I always love to host giveaways for my fans. This time around I have teamed up with lovely team @ilove7thheaven to giveaway a goodie bag with 14 amazing assorted facemasks!

Stay Tuned for the review.. yes I am going to review all these and more!!


I love 7th heaven was formally known as our favourite Montagne Jeunesse. Available in all leading supermarkets, their masks are a perfect way to maintain your beauty regime without pinching a hole in your pocket. The products are ‪#‎vegan‬ & ‪#‎crueltyfree‬

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– Giveaway open for UAE residents or anyone who can collect prize on winner’s behalf.
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– Prize will be delivered my distributors of I love 7th heaven in UAE.
– One winner will be chosen from combined entries (fb & instagram)
– followers who have liked my SM accounts and unfollowed the same in past have been strictly banned from participation.


DIY- Dandruff Eliminating & Rejuvenating Hair Mask

My inspiration of this post comes from a quote I read a few days back. I even shared in on my instagram (See below) Its actually so true.

No matter how you are, if your have gorgeous hair that just is the best feature to flaunt! I thought why not share my secret with you all.. here is a great DIY hair mask that will not only make your hair look healthy but also eliminate dandruff.

You need:

3 Tablespoon Castor Oil

3 Tablespoon Almond Oil

3 Tablespoon Sesame Oil

1/2 cup overnight soaked fenugreek seeds

Blend all the above mentioned ingredients into a paste and apply this from the root till ends. Focus more on the scalp as that is the dandruff affected area. I section my hair and apply this paste to cover the entire area. The smell is a bit overwhelming but hey if it works, anything for it. Tie your hair into a bun, cover it with a shower cap and leave the mixture in for at least two hours. Wash off the mask with mild shampoo, I chose Rahua shampoo as its 100% natural. I had to wash twice because of the strong smell of the oils and the fenugreek seeds. The result.. perfectly shiny and healthy hair!


  • Extra mix can be refrigerated and stored upto three days.
  • The measurements are according to shoulder length hair. If you feel these are not enough, you can add more almond oil to the mix.


Share this DIY hair mask recipe with your family and friends. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more tricks, DIY beauty and food adventures.

DIY Facemasks That Can Glow Your Skin!

Learn these beauty hacks that are suggested by my granny and you will be glowing in no time! These face masks can be made and stored up to two days.

Cinnamon & Oats:  Soak 1/2 cup cooking oats & 1tsp cinnamon in 1/2 cup milk (almond milk can be a substitute) for 2 hours. Apply the oats mask on your face and neck, let it stay for half hour and wash. This facemask will rejuvenate and lighten your skin.

Dried Rose: Crush dried rose petals and add 2 Tsp honey to it. Mix well and apply on the face, leave it for half an hour and wash. This facemask is good for tightening skin and refresh dry skin. Use this mask twice in a month and you don’t need anything else for your skin.

Ripe Banana & lemon : Mash ripe banana, juice of 1 lemon and honey together. Apply on face and neck, leave it for fifteen minutes. Wash and see the difference in skin shade. This will immediately lighten the skin and frequent application of this face mask will make your skin as soft as that of a baby.

Coffee & cocoa: Mix finally ground organic coffee , 70% or more unsweetened cocoa powder and 2 tbsp honey. Gently scrub this mix in curricular motions on your face and leave it for half an hour. Wash well and see the glowing skin. This scrub is good for those who have acne issues.

These super easy facemask ideas are quick and easy to make. If you have any queries, please do mention them in comments below and I will resolve them for you.


Along with skin care if you are controlling on your diet and need some healthy recipe inspirations, visit this link- ALOHA

5 Crazy DIY Beauty Remedies That Work!

There are beauty products/personal care products that can resolves skincare issues faster but most of them contain chemicals not necessarily harmful but you never know what causes you reactions. In such cases natural beauty remedies come to the rescue and they are totally safe to use. My grandmother has passed on these amazing DIY Beauty remedies that are very helpful for anyone. These remedies contain kitchen staples or ever something right from your refrigerator!

1) Mint & Parsley– These fresh herbs are a cheap alternative to glowing skin. Chop 2 sprigs of parsley and handful of mint leaves finely. Add these chopped herbs to a small bowl along with two teaspoon yogurt and mix well. Apply this mixture everyday for five days and see the difference. Folks with acne issues will love this remedy as it works well in reducing spots.

2) Garlic & Clarified butter– In a small pan, heat 3 tablespoon clarified butter (Ghee) and 3 cloves of garlic pricked with fork. As soon as the garlic starts getting brown, remove from heat and mash the garlic with the back of the fork. Apply this mixture on your feet to get rid of any dry, hard & cracked skin.

3) Salt & Vanilla extract– While there are many products to keep the lady parts clean, salt happens to be the safest of all. Fill the bathtub with warm water till it is good enough to immerse in, add 1 cup salt to it ,1 Teaspoon vanilla extract & let it dissolve. Get into the salt water bath and relax in it for 20 minutes. This will keep your lady parts clean and help you feel stress free.

4) Banana & Peaches – This is a very simple but my favorite remedy of all, It keeps your skin smooth and soft. Mash a banana and a peach together, apply on the face and leave for 15 minutes or until the mix dries off. Wash and see the difference in skin immediately!

5) Baking soda – Many say that using baking soda on skin is best for skin exfoliation. I disagree to that as I have personally tried it. Never worked for skin exfoliation but what it worked was for dandruff elimination. This one’s very simple.. 2 teaspoon baking soda & a small sachet of any normal type shampoo. Mix well and you will see that the baking soda is causing the mixture to rise. Apply on wet hair (make sure the scalp is covered with the mixture) and leave for 15 minutes. Try this twice a week for three weeks.

Hope you liked these beauty remedies, do try and feel free to comment with the results. ❤