Izu Bakery – Dubai Mall

Tucked in the corner of grand Galleries Lafayette, Dubai mall is Izu Bakery.
Chef Izu Ani famous for his restaurant concepts has designed a concise menu for Izu Bakery. They offer all day breakfast, salad & burger options.
We tried the fried egg with avocado for guest, avocado toast with labneh for myself & special tomato & Goat’s cheese salad. For viennoiseries we tried cheese croissant & almond chocolate croissant. To end our meal we had French toast.

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Whatever we ordered sounds so simple, however simplest dishes are the most complex to master. We loved the goats cheese & tomato salad and also the French toast which is the best one I have had till date.
If you haven’t already, do visit this delicious bakery & try out their dishes. Service was spot on & the woodworks decor adds a nice touch.
Where? Galleries Lafayette, The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai, Dubai
Contact: 04 3399933 (10-6pm)

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Drool-worthy! Mr. Ben’s Cookies Dubai Mall

My biggest weakness is desserts & sweets. I can’t stop thinking about them and trying out new ones every time I celebrate me cheat day. I call it a celebration because why not? My body deserves a day’s break! So one fine cheat Day, I visited Mr. Ben’s cookies at Dubai Mall.
The waft is enough to draw you closer to them. The freshly baked cookies were flying off the shelves. I skipped my lunch for this so I wasn’t going to go with one cookie. I had three.. one bite of their delicious cookies and I forgot what calories are.. I forgot sugar and everything else. Goey, melting chocolate in the center is a sight that makes me weak!
Suggestions, do try the triple chocolate cookie and the date & chocolate cookie. Both are sweet and heavenly. They were so good I had get a box for home too. Pair it with hot cocoa and you are good to go!


Their branch at Dubai Mall has limited seating but if you do get a chance.. get it and consume it at soonest.
Apologies if my images made you drool ‚̧
Location: Lower Ground Level, The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai, Dubai
Phone: +97143253391

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Best Of Both Worlds At Scoozi Dubai

Dubai Mall is my absolute favorite place to be as I do my cardio here.. I mean my shopping . Along with plethora of brands and stores popping in there is a wide variety of dining options available too!

Spotted Scoozi in Dubai Mall that serves the two most popular cuisines, Japanese and Italian. At first I was wondering which cuisine to choose but since there was large variety my guests and I decided to order the best from both.

They have fantastic selection of coolers to begin with. My favorite of all was the strawberry cooler, so refreshing & the fruit flavor bursts out making even the most warmest days go cool. For appetizers my guests & I selected mozzarella crocante, vegetable spring rolls, Tricolore (burrata dish) and avocado maki. Surprisingly everyone voted for avocado maki & crocante to be the favorites from this set of courses. Rest of the dishes werent less delicious but these two were just perfect!


For mains we all went italian as vegetarian selections were not too many in japanese. We ordered a Margarita pizza, gnocchi quattro formaggi, ravioli & Farfelle Al Funghi.  Our favorite was definitely the gnocchi quattro formaggi as it was so creamy & so rich! All their dishes are well portioned and their pasta are all fresh! My guests were truly impressed with the main courses & so was I.

For desserts we opted for Chocolate fondant & Flourless chocolate cake. Both of them rich, chocolaty and simply superb! Lacked a bit in presentation but overall tasted really good!

My only concern was the service as it was a bit slow post the appetizers and the staff were hesitant to give their suggestions on the dishes. Also they weren’t attentive enough as many a times I had to repeat my queries.

Pro tip: If you ask for a table towards the fountains you get the perfect view without having to stand in crowds or even in heat for that matter of fact. Paired with delicious food, Scoozi makes the perfect place to dine in.

contact: 04 3399406 or 800726694 for reservations. 

Scoozi has two branches JBR & Dubai Mall.

  • Vegetarian Friendly
  • vegan friendly
  • takeaway available
  • Salad Bar available
  • Family style dine in area
  • Sushi Conveyor belt

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Vegan Pizza & More At Freedom Pizza

Lately vegan cuisine has gained a lot of popularity in Dubai. Finding a unique way to promote this is Freedom pizza’s vegan sausage pizza. Yes you read it right.. It’s a sausage and made our of all vegan ingredients such as soy and more.
This was my first time trying a vegan sausage and even the vegan cheese. With strong base sauce and generous toppings, this pizza is a hit! Along with my pizza I also tried superfood salad which was delicious too! My only concern was the packaging as it was too flimsy to handle.
To end my meal I tried vegan Banoffee which I wasn’t a big fan of. However it is commendable that Freedom pizza offers this particular dessert because it’s difficult to replicate in vegan form. The Strawberry vegan Cheesecake was delicious too!
Overall, freedom pizza’s vegan range is a must try for those who are on vegan diet and even those who aren’t. The ingredients are all of top quality and organic. Freedom pizza is commited to offering delicious food at reasonable prices. Visit thier website to know more about thier interesting journey.
  • Vegan friendly
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • Takeaway options
  • Quick delivery
  • healthy eats

Call  04 3425755 or visit Freedom Pizza Website for orders.

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Levantine Cusine Love At Awani

One of the most popular attractions in Dubai is the Dubai mall. The largest mall in fact has a lot of variety of restaurants as well. One of latest restaurants happens to be Awani Levant.
Levantine cuisine is very vegetarian friendly. What I love about them is that they have equal proportions of vegetarian and meat options which helps in maintaining balanced diet. Awani levant is one such restaurant that offers a fusion to the otherwise known levantine cuisine
Upon arrival they serve not any drink but a complimentary pea and asparagus soup. So delicious and it whets the appetite making you all ready for the courses to come.
My selection of cold mezze was the beetroot mouttabel and the classic hummus. For hot mezze, I opted for spring roll falafel. It was really delicious and the tahina sauce complimented the dish well.
For Our mains I opted for freekeh bil Fukrah. It actually tastes like risotto and so so delicious that I will definitely be trying this dish again! My partner opted for cheese kaak and that was delicious too but I would prefer the freekeh bil fukrah over it any day!
For drinks, I opted for a refreshing basil lemonade, served in a gorgeous tall glass. My guest opted for chocolate milkshake which was very average.
For desserts, I stuck to just one. Chocolate surprise and thank God I did order only one as the dessert was a really large portion. Good for three actually! The addition of pouring hot chocolate over a chocolate ball is dramatic but taste widths dish was too sweet for my palate. Love the addition of maltesers but the gummy bears is something I am not fond of.
There were few glitches in the service, especially when we were looking for someone to serve us fresh bread and take additional orders. However I can understand the glitch because they had just opened up and the amount of diners rushing in to try this cuisine were far too many.
Decor wise the restaurant is beautiful use of colorful tiles, quirky decoratives such as bird cages and interesting warm lighting create a good atmosphere. The weather was humid on the day of my visit else I would have preferred to dine outdoors as the view of the mighty burj khalifa, Dubai fountains and downtown is a spectacular!
  • Outdoor shisha options
  • Kids friendly
  • Vegan friendly
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Stunning outdoor views
  • Reasonable prices
  • Reservation Recommended

For reservations contact  04 2432758 or visit Awani Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato for menu

Dessert Heaven At Divan Patisserie

Ever dreamt of place that serves decadent cakes, a chocolate fountain and waft of chocolate everywhere?
I think our dreams have just been fulfilled with Divan Patisserie’s new store at Dubai Mall.
Divan is a well know Turkish brand from Divan group of companies. I didn’t know much about them prior my visit but once I did, I can’t stop talking about them. The store is located at the lower ground level just next to my once a favorite La cure Gourmande.
My guest and I opted to try their signature Hot chocolate that is served in a delicate flute glass, loved the presentation and the drink was so rich full of chocolaty goodness. A tray full of chocolates were served all of different kinds, some dark, some milk based all so melt in mouth and divine !
The Turkish coffee we tried was super strong and perfect blend for my office mornings. post my caffeine fix we tried some mini cakes that were looking gorgeous! the most delicious one was the one with macaroons.
All the dishes including the macaroons and cakes are prepared fresh but their mixes are prepared and bought from Turkey. I am not a fan if Turkish delights but I was totally gorging on them here because they were so fresh and perfectly chew-able. apart from these sweeties they also serve the famous Buraks which are filo pastries filled with cheese or spinach and cheese mix. it’s not their forte and not the best I have had but a good accompaniment with your tea/coffee.
The chocolate fountain is another delicious treat to watch! I totally forgot about the Dubai Mall fountain after watching this beauty… so sinful, so mesmerizing!
Whether you opt to dine in or pick up some assortments both the ways the service is quick. they offer in house chocolates, biscuits,Turkish delights, mini cakes, assorted mini savories, buraks, coated nuts, cakes per KG, macaroons and even cater to events. they do have prepacked gift assortments too which are perfect to giveaway to your loved ones.
Personally recommending the place to try their fantastic offerings.
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Contact : 04 3253204

Make Up Must Have – Clarins Three Dot Eye Liner!

Few days back the lovely Arwa from Slice of Dubai blog approached me for a guest post contribution on her blog. The topic was for bloggers beauty must haves. You can read her complete compilation post here with my mini review along with choices of many well known bloggers. Also adding a detailed review below so that you can understand how this product could fit in your daily beauty needs.

My favorite product that I heart is the Clarins Three Dot liner. I had heard not-so-good reviews about it but last year I decided to give it a try.I was recommended the product at Clarins boutique, thought at first that maybe it isn’t for me but then bought it anyways.


Why I love the product?

Though its not as thick as the conventional liners, it is still a better product than the felt tip liners available. As much as I love make-up, I prefer the day makeup to be as light as possible. So I stick to sunscreen lotion, thinnest line of my clarins three dot liner and a lip balm.

Great thing about Clarins Three Dot liner is that it helps in fills my lashes, giving it a fuller look. I am blessed with beautiful lashes and this product totally defines the eyes making it stand out without giving that make-uppy look. I have been compliments so many times on how defined and fresh my eyes look. It all because of use of this simple product that can help you achieve the perfect no make up look.



You could use this  product as a normal eyeliner, its not runny and the color is intense. However it you are someone who loves doing cat eye or the arabian look, this product is definitely not for you. Its a bit overpriced but I really like the way it sets on my eyes which is why I feel its worth spending Aed 119. Product is available in two colors black and brown. Its easy to apply, just keep filling the top and bottom lashes to see the difference.

Purchased from: Clarins Boutique, Dubai Mall

Have you tried this liner? Whats your take? let me know in comments below.

Party in a pot! – Lush Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly

Yes you read that right.. its a shower jelly!

Its wobbly, its smells fantastic and it is super fun to use. As Lush staff told me, this product is a party in a pot. Spotted this product at Lush Dubal Mall, I instantly fell in love with it. Asked the staff there if I could try it out prior purchase and they were happy to help me with it. Plop! the jelly landed on my hand and rest is history..

I was sold when I read the description ”¬†If a bar of soap and a bottle of shower gel had a steamy affair, this would be the resulting jelly baby”


Excerpts from official Lush website:

“This is a sweet, sweet little cutie-pie. We start this jelly by making an infusion with cherries and coconut, we then add carrageen seaweed and boil it up until it turns all jelly and wobbly on us. Then we have to get it into the mould quickly, before it sets in the pan! ”¬†


What I like about sweetie pie shower gel?

The sweet fragrance

The wobbliness is super cute and fun not only for kids but adults too.

Its sparkly.¬†The glitter doesn’t exactly stick to the body but sort of makes¬†it look like light shimmer has been¬†dusted.

It retains moisture on the skin leaving it supple for a long while.

Vegan product and free of any harmful chemicals.

What I didn’t like about the product?

Jelly is a bit too delicate. I have long nails and while using Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly I crumbled a bit accidentally. You cant put the crumbled bits back on the jelly.

The product contains coconut too, however I couldn’t get fragrance of any.

Final verdict

Will I repurchase it? I will purchase this again because its cute and the idea of wobbly jelly is fascinating to me. It suits my skin type (sensitive) and leaves it soft for a long while. It is one of my favorite from Lush handmade cosmetics.

Product was purchased from Lush Dubai Mall for AED 43 (100gm pot) 

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Vibrant & Sexy Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips

Real Nail Polish strips were introduced in market around two years back. With use of this product, one can easily achieve Salon like effects anytime.

The first time I discovered this product was when I was visiting a remote area in my home country for a destination wedding. My friends and I had no idea if we will be able to find a Salon there or even any professional beauty services. Now for weddings and important events its ideally advisable to either have a french manicure done or get a gel manicure done of a neutral color. While we had none of those options available to us but still wanted to rock the look with perfect nails. At that time I found Sally Hansen Real Nail Strips at one of beauty stores in UAE. Tried it and loved it! Took 3 designs along with me and they worked perfectly!

Every pack contains 16 nail polish strips, a cuticle stick, mini file and a buffer.

Application: Its very simple..just peel the plastic off the top coat and back. Apply on the nails and shape with the nail file. Can be removed with any nail polish remover.

Advantages: As I have mentioned before, it gives the salon look to your nails. Lasts for about two weeks and is easy to apply. It doesn’t require any drying, however for long lasting effect you can add a top clear coat.

Disadvantages: Once the pack is opened, you have got to finish the strips else they dry off on the plastic itself.

There are about 40 shades for Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips. My favorite shade is 320 Kitty Kitty.

A neutral shade matching my outfits

A neutral shade matching my outfits


My favorite Shade. Image Courtesy Official Sally Hansen website


All the available shades, image courtesy Sally Hansen official website.

Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips are available at all stores selling Sally Hansen products. I got mine from Waitrose Dubai Mall recently. 

Skin Hydrating Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner- Bye Bye Dry Skin!

I am obsessed with Lush’s philosophy and stories behind the making of every product. Lush is a brand that connects to you instantly, you know the story, you know its packed with love, the staff is soo super friendly..how can anyone resist that kind of marketing!

Excited to mention this awesome body care product, the one I have been using for a while now. My friend was the one who introduced me to this LUSH Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. We were at the salon getting our arms waxed, that’s when she noticed my skin going dry & red. I have a very sensitive skin and it doesn’t easily adapt to any body lotions that are available. For years I have been using medicated lotions but they aren’t of any use and I hate the smell of medicated lotions. (they smell like I am just out of hospital ugh..)

Anyways,so when I was suggested to try out LUSH¬†Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner I was a bit hesitant because of the skin condition but again Lush is organic,¬†handmade¬†and no chemicals are involved so I knew I was safe even if I gave a try. Visited the Dubai Mall branch to grab myself a pot of this goodness. A bit on pricier side but its worth¬†because its so good.

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner was invented by Ms.¬†Rowena who thought to herself that how handy it would be if there was a conditioner for body like there are for hair. So she invented this lovely product that¬†can be used exactly the same way a hair conditioner is used except that this is for¬†body and not hair (Checked with the staff no harm if you use on the hair too). So you just have to slather it on your skin, wait for about a minute and rinse it off.


I did exactly as per the instructions, applied it on my dry arms and body. Waited a minute, rinsed and off I was.. The fragrance of the lotion is just amazing. My skin felt all that goodness of¬†Argan oil, Cocoa butter, Cupua√ßu butter, Brazil nut oil, Almond oil,¬†Shea butter & goji berry juice. I didn’t have any issues with the product, no redness, and super soft skin just¬†like a rose petal. The product itself is packaged well with all instructions mentioned. The staff is always ready to show you how to use the product in case if you aren’t clear with it. If you are like me, the curious one who likes to know how products are made, you can visit Lush’s official Youtube Channel¬†and check out the process.

Overall,¬†Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner is amazing on dry skin, leaves it soft and supple. However when my sister used the body conditioner, it didn’t have the same effect. The conditioner¬†made no difference to her (Normal type) skin but at least it was smelling nice. Also they need to sell it in smaller pots, I’d buy it and it would be a great add the travel beauty kit.


Lush¬†Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner is available at all Lush stores across UAE. Priced at 185AED for a pot of 225g.