Salads & More At Richy’s

As I always say, dining in JLT is fun now that’s because there are so many options! One of delicious options is Richys that serves wraps salads and smoothies all day long!
I tried the following salads, some custom made and some of their in house specials.
Zippy Tofu salad with goma dressing is,a must try as its zingy and I love the addition of edamame beans to it.
The Krunchy kale salad, again what a delicious combination with sweet potato and feta giving that creaminess.
My diy salad ( tricolored fusilli/grilled portebello mushrooms/ sundried tomato/corn/zucchini/ olives/Mozzarella/basil pesto) not low carbohydrate dish but really filling and it’s perfect for a light lunch.
They do offer delicious soups too. My favorite was the tomato and basil soup. Not a fan of fried crunchies but it adds a good crunchy element to the dish.
They have interesting wraps as well. What I tried was their veggie wrap which I replaced the feta with halloumi. My only concern was that the dressing of the wrap was a bit salty.
Coming to the desserts, I absolutely loved the fresh strawberry cheesecake. It not overtly sweet but the right amount of sweet.
Overall, Richys is a really good option for those looking to try new and healthy salad combinations. Also those who love DIY-ing own wraps and salads is a great idea!
Find more about Richys on Richy's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Contact them on 800742497 for orders

New Beginnings For Pink Asfoura Blog…

Hello everyone!

Its been a busy year at P.A.B. headquarters. I have been occupied with various projects and juggling my personal and professional life. However all that aside I have always wanted to revamp the look of my blog, wanted to give it a more softer, feminine feel with a cute logo.

So ladies and gentlemen, presenting the new and improved Pink Asfoura Blog. Blog has been updated with a lighter color scheme, new logo and easier navigation options. Enjoy browsing and as always do leave your feedback.




Revamped Logo for Social Media Designed by @JavaNikita from Instagram

Recipe – Burhani Raita (Yogurt based sauce)

I recently asked my fans to send me their queries that they would have in regards to beauty, food, fashion or any DIY tricks. All you need is a platform to ask something and you never know the answer could be a very simple one.

So one of my fans on Pink Asfoura Blog facebook page asked me a query related to food. She wanted to know if there are any simple accompaniments/sauces that can be served with Biryanis/Spiced rice.

I would suggest something very simple but a sauce that brings out the flavor of your rice dish.

Burhani Raita is a very famous accompaniment with Hyderabadi rice dishes. Generally the Hyderabadi biryani/rice dishes are spicy, tangy and lipsmacking delicious. However folks like me can’t take in too much spicy food. That is where accompaniment or sauce served with rice plays a big part. The sauce should help you cut down the spices and bring out the bold flavors of the biryani/spicy rice dish.

You need:

4-5 garlic cloves

1 tsp cumin powder

1 tsp coriander powder

2 tsp chopped fresh coriander

1 tsp clarified butter

1 cup hung yogurt

2-4 tsp cold water

1 tsp pepper

Salt to taste


Take a fork and pierce 3 garlic cloves on all sides. Dip each of pierced clove in clarified butter and place the clove on a small piece of foil. Cover the three cloves individually with foil wrapper and place them in oven at medium heat 200’c for 7 minutes.

Slice the remaining cloves thinly and coat a tray with some clarified butter and place the slices carefully. Place the tray in oven too. This will create lovely garlic chips which will give a beautiful texture to the sauce.

While your foil covered cloves are softening and garlic chips are crisping up.. take a bowl in which whisk the hung yogurt until it is light and creamy. Add 2-4 tsp water to it and beat well. Now add the cumin powder, chopped coriander, pepper powder, coriander powder, salt and mix well.

The garlic cloves in foil would have soften up by the end of 7 minutes. Remove from foil, add the three cloves in a bowl and mash them until creamy. Add this mixture to your yogurt sauce prepared earlier.

This dish can be prepared in advance and can be stored for a day in refrigerator.  When serving, top with garlic chips and impress your family with this new recipe! This portion serves 2 adults.

Here is image of what I made today afternoon to serve with my mutton biryani.

Thanks to some of my Facebook fans who commented with their suggestions.


Have you tried this recipe before? Did you try it out now? Let me know your thoughts in comments below. 

Recipe: Granny’s Take On Classic Chocolate Cookies

There is nothing like warm homemade cookies.. and cookies made by granny are the best! Check out the easy recipe below and do give a try! ❤
This Recipe makes 6 cookies.
3 tsp butter
4 tbsp brown sugar 
2 tbsp white sugar
3/4 cup all purpose flour
1 egg white
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4tsp baking soda 
1/2 cup Hersey’s Semi sweet chocolate
2tsp dried coconut powder
Pinch of salt
Step 1: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F
Step 2 : Take a bowl and add brown sugar and white sugar. Use an electric beater and let the mixture start looking like cream. Add 1 egg’s white to the cream mix and use beater for 20secs till the mixture looks light. Add vanilla extract to this wet mix.
Step 3: Take a small bowl and fill with 2tsp hot water, add baking soda to it. 
Step 4: In the wet mixture, add flour, chocolate chips, coconut powder and baking soda- water mix. Stir well until all the ingredients have mixed to form a dough. 
Step 5: Take an ice cream scooper and grease it with oil. Scoop out equal sized doogh and carefully place them on baking tray. Te tray should be greased with cooking spray/butter or oil so that cooking don’t stick. Once a  the cookies are lined, bake in oven for 10 minutes on 350 degrees F. 
Serve with a cup of hot chocolate or put them in your kid’s lunch box, they are sure to love it.

Recipe- Party Hulahoops

Sorry to go all MIA on everybody. I was out of country due to personal reasons and haven’t been keeping well too. Anyways now that I am back.. lets roll with a smashing recipe called Party Hula-hoops. A fun recipe that can be tried by kids too! It doesn’t require any sort of cooking.

Party Hula-hoops

Cooking time: 0 minutes
Preparation time: 15 minutes


2*15 grams packets of Mr. Krisps (#Jalepeno flavored Potato rings) or any potato ring chips
2 slices of fresh pineapple
100 grams sharp cheddar cheese
1/2 tsp freshly ground pepper
8 mini bamboo skewers or toothpicks


Cut pineapple into thick chunks and set aside. Crumble the sharp cheddar into smaller chunks and add pepper to it, set aside.

Open two packets of Mr. Krisps potato rings. In each ring fill the cheese that was crumbled earlier. Add a filled potato ring on a toothpick and a pineapple piece on top, keep layering in alternates till the toothpick is filled. Its such a great idea for kids or people like my brother in law who hates to even make a sandwich, they can make these for parties and it involves no cooking. The spiciness of jalepenos, sweetness of pineapple and sharpness of cheddar makes this party starter an instant hit!

Note: In case you don’t get delicious Mr Krisps Potato rings in your country, you can add the toppings on Pringles chips. Gives the same taste and is a great snack for any party.



Recipe- Crunchy & Chewy Cornflakes balls

When we were younger, my sister and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen experimenting with various ingredients. Now that my little niece is growing up, she has started showing interest in making something too. I like to encourage children to learn something, create something new and be proud of their creation.

I taught my little princess a yummy treat called Crunchy & Chewy cornflakes balls. Recipe is mentioned below, requires no cooking/baking/chopping.

You need:

2 Bars of Snickers/Mars chocolate

2Tsp milk

2 cup Cornflakes (I used the Kelloggs Special K)


Leave the chocolate bars in room temperature for about an hour. Let them become soft, remove them from the packet and transfer into a bowl.

For the cornflakes mixture, take a sandwich bag and add the cornflakes to it. Seal it well and give it to your child to crush it lightly. Remove the slightly crushed mixture and transfer to the melted chocolate bowl. Add 2 tsp milk and mix in all together. You will start seeing the mixture holding up a shape. Press it into a tray or just shape them into small sized balls. Refrigerate for an hour and serve!

Little ones enjoy making this treat, its tasty too. There are many ways of making it, some are complicated too. However when your activity involves children, its always advisable to keep it simple.


A tasty treat for your little ones..

Restaurant Review- Flippin Awesome Pizza!

Its been a while I have reviewed restaurants, I like writing about food its my favorite thing to do.

Today I am reviewing Flippin Pizza Ibn Battuta Branch, a pizzeria in a mall that is worth a visit. I have been to this pizzeria on several occasions and ordered delivery as well. It all started when one of my friend’s visited the place and tweeted to me a picture of a screen showing scenes of New York . For those who don’t know, I am obsessed with NY City ❤ ! Flippin pizza has a large TV screen which looks like a window, the live scenes are of people walking by on NY streets, giving you a feel that you are seated in their New York pizzeria. Love the idea, very innovative.

Anyways so I was decided to check out the awesome place and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed at all. The ambiance is very modern with wooden panels and comfy red seats. After you have placed the order, the server also places a complimentary basket of baby buns served with pizza sauce on your table. The buns were delicious, warm and fresh! I love this trend that is going on of placing bread basket for the diners, many restaurants are adopting it.

As I mentioned previously, I have tried Flippin pizza many times, most of which have been deliveries. Some dishes that you must try are:

Ricotta cheese Salad – the tang from the pomegranate goes so well with the soft and moist ricotta.

Chicken tenders- probably one of the most succulent and best in town.

Four cheese pizza- absolutely delightful dish, not only is it great for kids but adults will enjoy this tasty treat too!

Vegetarian Pizza- One of best tried for sure, lovely crust and generously topped.

Vegetarian the colors

Vegetarian the colors

Triboro pizza- I didn’t enjoy this one much but my friends do so here is the mention for it. I am not too much of a meat lover but those who do, will love this pizza.

Veggie Lasagne- YUM YUM YUM! Lip smacking, delicious and cheesy!


The base of the pizzas is very light, hand tossed and delicious.The menu mentions ‘Dough is made fresh daily with no added oil or sugar or no high fructose corn syrup’ gives one more reason to add pizza to your meal plan. 😉 Their largest 18′ pizza is good for upto four people. I couldn’t have more than two slices of the pizza. You can also request your pizza to be made in two different flavors (Eg: Brooklyn and Triboro)

The service is quick, time is stated when order is placed. A bit of disappointment when it comes to drinks as twice they arrived after the arrival of main courses. For delivery, it has been quick and within the stipulated time period (around 60 minutes).

I am very glad the restaurant owners take customer suggestions seriously. A while back, Flippin pizza did not have any regular sized pizzas. They served only 13′ and 18′ pizzas but after so many people including myself who requested ( on social media platforms) a smaller size of pizza, the same was introduced! Now only if they add a bit more varieties in pizza especially for the vegetarians, that would be great!

I wish Flippin pizza good luck with their new branch which has opened its doors this week on Jumeirah Beach Road. Can’t wait to check it out 🙂

Food: 4/5

Service 3.5/5

Ambiance 5/5

Complimentary bread to tingle your taste buds 5/5 😉

A bit on pricier side, cost for two: 150-200AED.