Street Gastrologue At Tableya

Use of Molecular gastronomy and dry ice in food presentation is the hottest trend of the town as it makes the food more ‘instagram-able’. Bringing in the twist to this concept are the new entrants Tableya
Tableya, a concept born and raised in Dubai promises fusion of Indian and middle Eastern cuisine along with gastronomy experience. Does it live up to the hype? Read along to know.
Located at properties of Bay Square, this restaurant accommodates both shisha smokers and non smokers. At first impression Tableya has interesting decor, bright turquoise sofas, metal light pieces and wooden tables that look gorgeous!
For food we were offered a whole lot of variety. Generally, I am not someone who eats a lot at one time as I simply cannot but the food was so good that I had to try all. The amuse Bouche, Kaitafi Chaat had a rather dramatic presentation and was bursting with flavors.  This,was just the teaser and what followed were just some more delicious dishes that I highly would recommend to try.
Our appetizers, katafi paneer, baba ganoush cornetto, granola chaat, pani puri shots,wadapops, channajor felafel and thepla quesadilla. They all needed to be mentioned as all were presented stunningly! The weak links from the appetizers I felt was the pani puri shots that were definitely good to share but tastewise were just about ok. Also the granola chat topped with dahi spheres was a tad too sweet for my liking.
Our main courses were winter vegetables, smoked daal and tiffin pav bhaji. These dishes maybe sounding simple but the taste was certainly not. Complex flavors blended so well with each other and tasted simply delicious! My favorite was the smoked daal that I had with assorted naans, it tasted absolutely fabulous! I am definitely going back for more of that daal and also the tiffin pav bhaji which evoked nostalgia and made me feel like I am back at Juhu beach trying out the Pav bhaji at stalls. Also the mini buns served along were super cute!
The chefs insisted that we try the desserts and were been sent coconut creme brulee and kunafa cheesecake. The former was light and perfect end to the meal, served with refreshing berry sorbet the contrast in flavours left one wanting for more. The latter was rich, essentially a tres leches kinds of cake topped with kunafa and served on a bed of saffron infused milk. Needless to say, both presented gorgeously!
Overall, Tableya is a casual dine in with some seriously good food and equally good shisha. Often shisha places are not known to have a wide variety of food but at Tableya things are done differently. The prices are reasonable and the staff is very hospitable. My visit was in the first week of restaurant’s opening and their team of professionals handled it well.
About chefs: Experienced chefs, Mr Manoj Radi and Mr Jeet Negi both are new to UAE and have promised to change the UAE food scene. Both of them have earlier worked with Indian Accent, a well known chain of restaurants owned by a popular chef in India. Head chef Mr Radi believes in creating food that is not only appealing to the eye but palate as well. Sous Chef Mr. Negi believes in giving a twist to the classic dishes which surprise the diners.
  • Fruit shisha and various more
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • budget friendly
  • outdoor seating
  • Equal variety for vegetarians and non vegetarians

Contact 04 4489044  or visit  Tableya Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato for menu and bookings



Indian Coastal Cuisine At NH17

Most of you may know Route NH 66 (formerly known as NH17) as the route covering area right from the state of Maharashtra to Tamil Nadu. Not going much into the detail of geographics here but this idea inspired an entrepreneur who has introduced cuisine from this region to Dubaites.
NH17 offers cuisine from the coastal region and their menu is really a elaborate one. Located at Sea view hotel Mankhool this place is jampacked with seafood lovers. However Indians being Indians, we always welcome vegetarians no matter how popular the place is for non vegetarians/pescatarians.
Coming to the food, we had a lot of options so for the starters my guest and I opted for paneer chilly dry and vegetable seekh kababs. Both perfectly made, in fact the kebabs were really cooked well and moist throughout. For our mains we opted paneer ghee roast and sabzi panchamel. Interestingly, paneer ghee roast paired with neer dosa is a popular dish of Mangalore. A word of caution for those who don’t like spicy food, Paneer Ghee roast is a spicy dish. On the other hand is the panchamel vegetable curry that was sweet, rich and flavourful with our hot cheese kulchas. They do serve biryanis as well, I opted for vegetarian biryani that had nuts and vegetables well cooked. As the manager highlighted to us, only aged and long grain rice are used at the restaurant and poor quality is not accepted.
To end on a sweet note we tried out the desserts. Gulab jamun & creme caramel. Both were served in a very homely manner. The presentation was a bit weak but taste wise it was just perfectly sweet.
Though the restaurant really does look smaller from the outside, it is spacious and beautiful inside. interesting dim lighting, woodworks and bright red handiwork table runners creates a welcoming atmosphere for the guests. My concern was a bit for the service as initially the service was a bit slow because the restaurant was packed on the weekend. Also we had to highlight the staff several times to get cold juices and not warm which were rectified much later. The service definitely needs improvement. The staff though were very courteous throughout.
Overall, if you are a fan of coastal cuisine or want to try something Indian but different then this is a place to head. All dishes including the starters are generously portioned and easily share-able between two.
Visit  NH17 Indian Coastal Cuisine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato for rating and more images from this tasting session.

Restaurant Review- Dollops Of Butter at Kulcha King

I have been a big fan of Kulcha King, Bur Dubai branch in particular. The reason why I like this branch is because they deliver quick and I love the Kulchas (Naan type flaky bread) here. My friends and I have dined on several occasions at the Nihal Hotel branch(Deira) but I really find the service there very slow and also the place is quite stuffy.


Love the unique placemats

So recently I visited the place I have been ordering those delicious Kulchas from- The Bur Dubai Branch. It is the smallest one with five to six tables only. Also there is only one serving staff seen even on busier times. However the service was not at all slow(at the beginning). Everything we ordered was sent out on time, infact earlier then expected!


Delicious warm food ❤

My order consisted of cheese kulcha, aloo kulcha, Paneer kulcha, bhindi masala and Paneer tikka masala with accompaniments and drinks. We got our order served within fifteen minutes which was fantastic. I am particularly fascinated by their cheese kulcha. Its rich, flaky and buttery served with Chole Masala and a sweet spicy sauce which becomes the perfect accompaniment to the dish. I think they used tea in the cooking of the chole dish as they were darker in color but maintained the great authentic taste of Punjab. When we think of Indian food, first thing that strikes us is spices. In Kulcha King, the spices are used to enhance the flavor and create a wonderful combinations. The food is not spicy, its not heavy and is presented well.

cheese kulcha

I dream of this.. Cheese Kulchas.


Paneer Kulchas and Chole dish

Though I did not try the carrot halwa on my last visit but I have tried that one few weeks back. For desserts, carrot halwa is a must have. Its warm, sweet, melt in your mouth dish that will break your diets! The experience was enjoyable except the service glitch. I hate ordering breads (rotis) especially tandoori ones in advance because once they cool down, they are chewy and difficult to bite. In midst of my meal, I ordered some extra breads and those took a very long time to arrive. I could see the server struggling with orders as all the tables were filled and everyone was waiting for their dishes to arrive. Besides the service and ambiance, everything is great with the Bur Dubai Branch. I think I will stick to ordering take outs from this branch rather than dine in. They serve some great variety of authentic Punjabi food which is lipsmackingly delicious! Rarely do you find a place that serves good food and the prices are a bargain. Kulcha King is one of those rare finds. Try it if you haven’t but as suggested, take-aways/ home deliveries are a better suited for this branch. Rating: Food 4/5 Service 3.5/5 Ambiance 3.5/5 (Extra half point for neat appearance ) Cost: AED100-150 for three Extra comments: – Inform the staff beforehand if you are on diet, you might want to avoid the dollops of butter on the kulchas and breads. – Order extra crispy cheese kulcha and you are not going to regret it! – No matter what you do, the staff will stick to conversing in English so even if you are saying ‘ No makhan’ do repeat that in English so its clear. – Bur Dubai Branch is closed from 4pm-7pm daily.

Kulcha King Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Restaurant Review- Shiba Restaurant & Bar At The Meydan Hotel

One of my friend’s invited me to this awesome place for dinner. We are regulars at the Qube Sports Bar but had never tried out any other restaurants in Meydan hotel.


The amazing view

The restaurant has a lovely view of the Meydan race course, the decor is very modern and the staff is very attentive. However what I did not like was the reservations as there is no direct number to the restaurant, one has to route through the reception to place a reservation. The day we were planning to visit, the reception line was down and the other restaurants could not connect us to the restaurant we wanted to dine in. So we took our chances without any reservation and luckily the staff arranged a table swiftly.

Moving to the food, Shiba Restaurant serves Asian cuisine..right from Indian to Japanese. Their menu is not vast but is fine for at least two to three visits. For starters we ordered vegetable spring rolls & Thai crab cakes, for mains we chose Vegetable Green Curry ,Fish Tikka, Egg fried rice and garlic naans. For sweet endings we ordered soft centered chocolate cake with coconut ice cream.


Fish Tikka

The spring rolls were not that great but the crab cakes were fantastic. The crabs were cooked to perfection and moist. I loved the Vegetable Green Curry, the vegetables were cooked but crunchy and fresh. Accompaniments were great too. The fish tikka is a great option for those who choose to be on low carb diet, its not spicy and prepared very well.


Vegetable Green Curry


Overall, except the reservation part which was a slight glitch, everything went well. Food is always a great conversation starter and this place is great for a dinner date. The staff are very friendly and accommodating, they suggest the dishes to try as well.

Cost for two: 320Dhs including beverages

Food: 4/5

Service 4/5

Ambiance 5/5

Restaurant Review- Flippin Awesome Pizza!

Its been a while I have reviewed restaurants, I like writing about food its my favorite thing to do.

Today I am reviewing Flippin Pizza Ibn Battuta Branch, a pizzeria in a mall that is worth a visit. I have been to this pizzeria on several occasions and ordered delivery as well. It all started when one of my friend’s visited the place and tweeted to me a picture of a screen showing scenes of New York . For those who don’t know, I am obsessed with NY City ❤ ! Flippin pizza has a large TV screen which looks like a window, the live scenes are of people walking by on NY streets, giving you a feel that you are seated in their New York pizzeria. Love the idea, very innovative.

Anyways so I was decided to check out the awesome place and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed at all. The ambiance is very modern with wooden panels and comfy red seats. After you have placed the order, the server also places a complimentary basket of baby buns served with pizza sauce on your table. The buns were delicious, warm and fresh! I love this trend that is going on of placing bread basket for the diners, many restaurants are adopting it.

As I mentioned previously, I have tried Flippin pizza many times, most of which have been deliveries. Some dishes that you must try are:

Ricotta cheese Salad – the tang from the pomegranate goes so well with the soft and moist ricotta.

Chicken tenders- probably one of the most succulent and best in town.

Four cheese pizza- absolutely delightful dish, not only is it great for kids but adults will enjoy this tasty treat too!

Vegetarian Pizza- One of best tried for sure, lovely crust and generously topped.

Vegetarian the colors

Vegetarian the colors

Triboro pizza- I didn’t enjoy this one much but my friends do so here is the mention for it. I am not too much of a meat lover but those who do, will love this pizza.

Veggie Lasagne- YUM YUM YUM! Lip smacking, delicious and cheesy!


The base of the pizzas is very light, hand tossed and delicious.The menu mentions ‘Dough is made fresh daily with no added oil or sugar or no high fructose corn syrup’ gives one more reason to add pizza to your meal plan. 😉 Their largest 18′ pizza is good for upto four people. I couldn’t have more than two slices of the pizza. You can also request your pizza to be made in two different flavors (Eg: Brooklyn and Triboro)

The service is quick, time is stated when order is placed. A bit of disappointment when it comes to drinks as twice they arrived after the arrival of main courses. For delivery, it has been quick and within the stipulated time period (around 60 minutes).

I am very glad the restaurant owners take customer suggestions seriously. A while back, Flippin pizza did not have any regular sized pizzas. They served only 13′ and 18′ pizzas but after so many people including myself who requested ( on social media platforms) a smaller size of pizza, the same was introduced! Now only if they add a bit more varieties in pizza especially for the vegetarians, that would be great!

I wish Flippin pizza good luck with their new branch which has opened its doors this week on Jumeirah Beach Road. Can’t wait to check it out 🙂

Food: 4/5

Service 3.5/5

Ambiance 5/5

Complimentary bread to tingle your taste buds 5/5 😉

A bit on pricier side, cost for two: 150-200AED.