Reviewing Izil Golden Glow Face Mask

As you all know by now I am a natural products fan, I try leaning on them for solutions. Why I prefer natural products over others is because there are less chances of reactions/side effects happening from it.

Seeing my love for natural products, Izil beauty folks decided to send me one of their favorites, Golden Glow Face Mask. Lets firstly learn about this gorgeous product.



Honey: For soft & supple skin ❤

Argan oil: to rejuvenate the skin and moisturize deep within.

Saffron: A royal choice, an expensive ingredient known from ancient times as a wonder flower that provides skin the glow unlike any other.


Product Claims  

1. Moisturizes the skin and prevents its dryness
2. Makes skin feels silky soft and supple.
3. Brightens, illuminates and gives it a healthy, rosy & glowy complexion
4. Helps clear spots and blemishes.
5. Improves skin suppleness and elasticity.
6. Tightens the skin and helps close the skin pores

My Review

Firstly the fragrance is fabulous! Its sweet and almost like I have opened a jar of dessert! Its sweet, its sticky and thick liquid in terms of texture. I almost wanted to lick it..hehe. There is a generous portion of saffron in the product and it is well visible. Picked out a strand and I could whiff the sweet scents that perfumed the entire jar. Its in the purest form, beautiful and vibrant.

Just a generous teaspoon, yes! A teaspoon was enough to cover my face and neck part.The product is runny so its easier to apply and remove. Even after 20 minutes It does not dry out, after washing the face I started seeing difference immediately. My skin felt soft, supple and refreshed. Though I dint find anything to scrub on, as the product claims its an exfoliator as well. I just gently massaged the product on the face and prayed for miracles.

Mirror mirror on the wall.. did the mask work at all?

Prior use I had terrible acne due to allergic reaction to a medicine. The acne dried out but I had a tough time getting rid of the marks. Post use of this face mask, the marks have started disappearing. I noticed the change after the second use. Also to add, I did not experiment using any other creams/masks throughout the process just to get a clear perspective on the product. A clean, bright and healthy skin is what I have right now!

Even though the ingredients are just three, these are way powerful than any other chemicals. The results are obviously not immediate because these are in their purest form. No play with the contents, no parebens, colors, fragrance or preservatives. The product is safe to use on any skin type. Mine being an extra sensitive one didn’t have any side effects on them.

Usage recommended: Once in a week.


Product purchase & cost

You can purchase this product by ordering through their website – Izil Beauty or visit their stores at Festival City in Dubai or Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi. If you aren’t too keen on purchasing online, just whatsapp your order request on  +971 558 243 993.

Cost: Aed 160/-

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