The Babyfoot Experiment

Generally I have smooth feet as I keep getting pedicures. However past month and half have been a nightmare. Finding apartments and then moving into one. All this left me with no time for myself and resulted in horrible looking feet. By horrible I mean really dry, rough heels and I had to hide them by wearing closed shoes all the time.

I took my roughed  up feet as the perfect opportunity to try out Babyfoot which was sent to me by their PR team. Babyfoot is a Japanese product tried and tested by bloggers worldwide. The results are satisfying for most but the process.. well not exactly beautiful.



The product comes with two lavender scented gelled booties and a sheet of tape to secure the plastic booties at ankles.


Super simple! Just soak your feet in water for about 10 – 15 mins. Once done, pat them dry and wear the booties. Secure with the given tape and do not move! Though the product doesn’t mention to stay still but I would certainly prefer not moving in those plastic booties so that the product works its magic.

The product mentions 60 minutes but as I was watching a movie, I completely forgot to remove them until it was 90 minutes. No harm to the feet and no itchiness whatsoever. I felt like some oil was applied on my feel and slightly slimy as I removed the booties.


Day 1: Slight white marks on the heel and sole of my feet.

Day 2: Gets a bit freaky as the dry skin starts detaching itself.

Day 3: More dry skin peeling off, I covered my feet all the time during peeling process as it looks a bit weird.

Day 4: Slowly tugged out the peels to reveal soft skin beneath.

Day 5 : complete peeling was over and now baby soft skin revealed. The package mentions that peeling process may take upto two weeks, maybe that’s for worst case scenarios.

Post peeling care

It is recommended to not use any lotions and even scrubs for feet as all dead cells are already removed in peeling process.

The key to peeling is soaking your feet everyday post application for atleast 15 minutes as this softens the skin and helps in removing the dead skin.

Product is recommended to use once in every two months.


I really liked the product except the peeling process that really is unique and a grossly satisfying experience. The product certainly delivers the promise of baby like feet. This revolutionary product is designed to soften the toughest of heels. What makes it so effective is the addition of keratolytic ingredients such as lactic acid, salicylic acid, alcohol & glycolic acid.

Babyfoot is available on and in all leading drugstores & hypermarkets.

Ps: I took pictures of peeling process but I don’t want to share them as its not really a appealing sight)


Looking For A Budget Friendly Blackhead Eliminating Scrub?

A few weeks back I visited a salon which offered gold facial of a well known brand. At first my skin felt awesome but the after effects were disastrous! I do have a fairly oily T-zone but never had blackheads before. After the facial, I started noticing blackheads sprouting up. Tried the blackhead removing strips, creams and even my granny’s idea of rubbing lemon juice on it. Nothing worked!

Blackheads don’t happen due to a particular reason, they just sprout up.. it could be hormonal issue, excessive caffeine consumption, smoking, side effects of a product and various others causes.

Its a minor issue but for a person like me who is obsessed with having clear skin, those blackheads were annoying me. 😦

When my sister was back from her work trip, I asked her for suggestion. She had blackheads issue during her pregnancy and she was using Neutrogena blackheads eliminating scrub which had worked well on her normal type of skin. I thought of giving it a try too, the product is super budget friendly and is a large tube which will last for around a month or two.

Talking about the product itself, I have been using it for a week and a half. I am already seeing a huge difference in the skin. Not only is this scrub eliminating blackheads but its also controlling the oiliness in T-zone area. My skin feels good and fresh after the use of Neutrogena scrub. There are also these micro-granules in the scrub that exfoliate the skin without the excessive drying, it also helps the blackheads elimination even before they start forming. Just squeeze a bit on your fingers and apply on slightly wet face. Use daily to see the difference.

My neighbor who is in his teens also tried out this product based on my suggestion. He keeps thanking me for the suggestion and he complimented my suggestion saying that now he doesn’t have to use the beauty face app for his nowadays are so obsessed with the whole selfie thing. Anyways atleast he is taking care of his skin in that way..nothing is more attractive than a healthy & clear skin!


The product is very reasonably priced at AED 42.50 (Purchased from Spinneys) and is available in all leading supermarkets and hypermarkets across UAE.

Disclaimer: All views are my personal and not sponsored.