VLCC Slimming Treatment Review

What’s the first thing that pops in your mind when I say VLCC? Most associate them with weight loss hoardings seen across the city or even for their well-known beauty products found at select retail outlets. However, there is much more to the brand than what we know, as I discovered for myself.

VLCC has a very holistic and practical approach towards the whole mystery of slimming down and maintaining a healthy body.

I got the opportunity to try out one of their slimming sessions called Tei machine that focuses on fat loss from thighs, arms and stomach area.

This was my first visit, and to begin with, I was asked to share my brief medical history and my lifestyle with their wellness counsellor. Once she had all details noted down, she began explaining to me on how VLCC works on setting smaller weight loss targets which make it easier for clients to achieve. Also, the monitoring of same is done week on week basis so that one is aware of how and what exactly is helping them lose weight.

Experts and counsellors at VLCC ensure to design a healthy mix of passive treatments such as Tei along with a diet plan to achieve desired goals.

Tei Treatment- My Experience

Prior to the treatment, my weight was checked on their Body Composition Analysis (BCA) Machine. The machine also calculates metabolism rate, weight in specific areas and the BMI which is calculated keeping in mind the weight and height.

This session is completely private and done in a closed room. Gel slathered straps were attached to targeted areas. What Tei machine does is help in loosening fat from the areas and increasing the metabolic rate. In the forty-five minutes of the session the straps emitted heat at various degrees. Along with variating degrees of heat the straps also vibrates. These vibrations like heat variate the pattern to maximize fat loss.

The treatment rooms are equipped with televisions and are very relaxing. Use of mobile phones is permitted or one can even choose to catch up on some much needed sleep while in session.

Post treatment the weight analysis is done again. This helps in drawing comparisons pre-& post sessions.
There aren’t sudden changes in the weight post the sessions but these help in increasing metabolic rate that promotes fat loss. For someone who has a slower

VLCC treatments are:

  • Non invasive
  • Targets body toning and help in reduction of fat cells
  • Personalized sessions 
  • No muscle loss happens with treatments
  • Dedicated area for Ladies
  • Use of Exclusive VLCC products that are enriched with herbal oils to keep skin hydrated and tightened
  • Reasonable prices for tailored packages

Thank you VLCC Karama team for the wonderful experience. I would definitely recommend a visit to your nearest VLCC branch to find out more about their slimming sessions. Click here for VLCC locations.
VLCC offers complimentary Body Composition Analysis to first time visitors. UAE readers may contact – 04-3273574 / 04-3435633

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Eatless – Natural Way to Supress Your Appetite

I have tried several appetite suppressants throughout my life. Majorly in my teens as I was obsessed with looking slim and attractive. However what I did to my body was pure harm. The suppressants that I used earlier worked but more on negative side. Once I stopped these very popular suppressants I started gaining weight rapidly. I didn’t realize it until it reached a point where it started affecting my health in many different ways.

I was scared. I am still scared to used any kind of product that promises ” rapid weight loss”.  So when Eatless team approached me to review the product, I had to research and understand everything before I commit to it.


So what is Eatless exactly?

Eatless contains Appethyl, an appetite suppressing solution derived from spinach. Appethyl slows down the digestion and absorption of fat, at the same time it helps your body release intestinal hormones naturally which promotes satiety and suppresses hunger. It significantly reduces cravings for sweet and palatable food.

The active substances inside Appethyl is known as thylakoids. These thylakoids are found in abundance in a simple leafy vegetable – Spinach. It is the only ingredient on the product and there is nothing else to it. This revolutionary discovery was done by Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson, Professor at Medicine and Physiological Chemistry at Lund University in Lund, Sweden.

Needless to say, I was really impressed with the information received and decided to give it a go. I don’t have a voracious appetite but sometimes I crave cheesy & fatty foods. These cravings are crazy and there is no stop to it until I take any action.


My review & results:

I always consume small meals. Even at tasting sessions, I am one person who love photographing beautiful food rather than eat all at once. Having small meals helps me control the portions which is the only thing you require to do along with consumption of Eatless.

My Eatless pack was for fourteen days which costs as little as AED160 (11.5dhs a day). The best time to have Eatless is early in morning. It can be added to your morning smoothie or fruit yogurt. Consumption of Eatless can be done as itself but Appethyl needs a certain amount of fat to free their full potential. Therefore it is advised to consume with a teaspoon of oil.

I personally found the taste a bit off at first. Its not bitter but a bland earthy taste and the green color kind of distracts me but hey all for good right?

I am super busy in mornings and have absolutely to time to create fancy smoothies to start my day with. I chose to consume my Eatless sachet with either Laban (buttermilk) or Juice. I personally preferred fat free laban as it tastes refreshing. Followed by a balanced diet and good water consumption.

Week 1

Started light exercises, weights and cardio thrice a week combined with Eatless. Balanced diet all along. Lost 940 grams in weight and sugar cravings reduced.

Break of 2 days taken but continued with control on food portions and cravings reduced massively. It was my bff’s birthday and we had a massive cheesecake at our place but somehow I only had a bite of it. I couldn’t consume it at all because I felt so full! That was a first for me as I had never turned down a cheesecake before.

Week 2

By week 2, I was convinced that EATLESS works! So I worked harder and did a lot of yoga combined with the consumption of Eatless and balanced diet. Voilaaa by the end of week two I had lost additional  1.8 kg. 😀

While for some its easy to loose weight, for me that isn’t the case. No matter what I do, I gain it back but hey not this time!

I have completed my fourteen day course and with a total loss of 2.7kg which is healthy reduction. Not only that, Eatless has impacted my sugar cravings too. I feel less attracted towards desserts. Since this is working, I might give it another go..

As I dip into the late twenties list, I am more focused on eating healthy rather than rapid weight loss.

They have programs for

2 weeks – AED 160

1 Month – AED 280

2 Months – AED 400

You can purchase Eatless at Lifesyle nutrition, Holland & Barrette & Good health. Alternatively, you can order from Eatless website they offer free delivery within UAE.

Visit them on Instagram 








Skinny Genie – A Healthy Twist To Your Favorites

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say healthy food? SALADS? QUINOA? KALE?WATERMELON? BOILED BLAND FOOD? These are most common thoughts any average social media user would have. Its actually kind of true in a way because most people either stick to salads or go juicing in bid to become more healthier and leaner.

When Skinny Genie first approached me to review their offerings, I wasn’t too sure why they kept saying they offer healthy food. I mean they have pizza on their menu, there is pasta as well and a lot of other delicious dishes (I insta stalk all food related accounts). Pfft what?.. pizza isn’t healthy.everyone knows that.. Pizza completes the triangle of junk food pyramid! However I was proven so wrong because when they sent me the calorie count for it I was surprised ! I will reveal the calorie count for each of dishes in the end. Till then I would like you to guess the calories.

I was sent these vegetarian dishes for my review. A veggie pizza, Quinoas And Colors Salad, Multigrain Veggie Sandwich, Fresh Gnocchi Pesto & assorted Muffins.

Quinoas And Colors Salad: Its filled with lovely gems such as Red and white quinoa, chickpeas, cherry tomato, grilled zucchini, goji berry, dried apricot, parsley, mixed leaves, flaxseeds. The quantity is so much that it can keep you filled all day! I love how the dressing is kept really simple with just olive oil & lemon juice. The dressing enhances the delicate flavors of apricot, goji berries and tomatoes.


veggie pizza : It looked so inviting! Can you believe it that this pizza is gluten free? The base was a bit crispier than your usual thin crust that is because they have a special blend of gluten free flours such as tapioca, corn and rice. The toppings are great too with generous spread of their classic tomato base sauce , simple but flavorful mozzarella and my favorite broccoli. The portion served (30cm) is good for two and generally I have a good appetite but this pizza, I couldn’t have more than two slices.

Fresh Gnocchi Pesto: This was my most favorite dish! There is so much going on in it. The delicious pesto sauce, the pillowy gnocchi and the pine nuts for texture.. it is a classic with lower calories. Their pasta are all homemade and fresh which you can literally taste. These are a must try and again a good portion PLUS guilt free! I am actually salivating while writing this.. cuz these were so so good!


Multigrain Veggie Sandwich: A pretty pink package full of goodness.. this  sandwich is another hit with me. There is Kale, sundried tomato, baby mozzarella, red cabbage, pomegranate, sesame seeds & homemade pesto all on freshly baked multigrain baguette. The ingredients are so thoughtfully paired for the sandwich. In one bite you can taste all the goodness and the fresh baby mozzarella is cherry on the top. The calories are even lower than that of a salad and I would prefer this any day!


Assorted Muffins: There are some killer combinations in their assorted muffin box. As you can see above there is Hazelnut and nutella , raspberries and dark chocolate, Apricot & chocolate chip, Apple, cinnamon & chia and banana & oat flakes. I felt the hazelnut & nutella cupcake was a bit of a let down as it was dry, however the same dryness did not run through all the muffins but only some.

I am now revealing the calories for each dish and trust me there are some huge shockers here.

Quinoas And Colors Salad – 532 calories

veggie pizza- 970 calories ( no its not the calories of a slice.. its the whole 30cm pizza!) 

Fresh Gnocchi Pesto – 318 calories ( jaw drops.. what??? so low!)

Multigrain Veggie Sandwich – 265 calories (gimme that everyday!)

Assorted Muffins – 90 Calories per 100grms ❤ ❤

Overall the creators of Skinny Genie menu have carefully prepared the classic in the smartest way possible. All their dishes are Gluten free and Low in fat content, they do have vegan dishes as well. Thier dishes are super reasonable and the delivery service is accurate as per website . Only wish they had the green curry vegetarian version too.. I would love ordering that someday (i get major rice cravings sometimes)

Creating these classics in a healthy way is a tough job and needs a lot of knowledge. The passionate chefs at Skinny Genie take so much care in maintaining that equilibrium between tasty & healthy food. Healthy food doesn’t have to be tasteless and low calori-ed but instead its all about smartly utilizing the calories. Skinny Genie covers all food groups while creating a balanced meal. This is highly important as many diets only concentrate on lowering calories but not helping in getting the required vitamins & nutrients required by body.
I am so glad to have reviewed Skinny Genie offerings as all their dishes are so unique ! Currently Skinny Genie is available for home/office delivery in Central Dubai. If you are located in any of areas covered by them, you should definitely give them a try!

Visit http://www.skinny-genie.com/online-ordering or call 800 Skinny for placing orders


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Rev Up Your Mornings With Smoothie Bombs – A Novel Way To Upgrade Boring Breakfasts

** Vegan – Gluten Free – Raw – Paleo – Low Fructose – Handmade – And now available in the UAE! **

Whether you’re a crunchy cereal lover or always have your Nutribullet plugged in and ready to go, boost your morning routine with a delicious, health-enhancing Smoothie Bomb.

Newcomers to the UAE health food market, The Smoothie Bomb Company was founded by Nutrition Darling Cinzia Cozzolino, a busy working nutritionist and former rock chick, whose passion for music and health food have been on a collision course all her life. With previous jobs including personal assistant to Billy Idol, Cozzolino knows a thing or two about staying in tip-top condition ‘on the road’.

Smoothie Bombs C

When you’re health conscious and time poor, just one organic super-food bomb will increase your overall daily consumption of vitamins, minerals, protein, iron and fibre. Cozzolino’s Raw Cacao Smoothie Bombs are available in a fun, tactile tube containing 5 super-food balls which can be eaten as-is or crumbled into your Crispies and are available in two variants, Raw Cacao and Super Greenie.

Simply add a Smoothie Bomb to your choice of milk, banana and other tasty fruits, then blend. Or alternatively enjoy as a bliss ball on its own or crumble on top of your cereal or smoothie bowl.

Smoothie Bombs are available in the UAE from January 2016 and are priced AED 69. They are available to buy in the Detox Delight shop in Gold & Diamond Park, Greenheart Organic Farms Shop or can be delivered by calling Health Angels at 052 3978204. For more information visit: www.thesmoothiebombs.com

Image & text source: Official Press Release

Smoothie Bombs E

Winter & Workout!

While most of you are dreaming of rains, I on other hand would love a breezy winter with misty mornings and lightly sunny afternoons. It is so much fun to workout in winter .. here are some tips to shed those extra pounds before next summer.

Frequent walks: Create a playlist full of your favorite upbeat songs, add them to your ipod or phone and listen while jogging. Don’t forget to download a pedometer to track your steps and don’t walk slowly. Walk at faster pace early in morning and in evening. Twice a day for 20minutes will help you loose up to 700 calories

Snacking: If you are dreaming of hot cup of tea with the pakoras (fritters) then you are doing it wrong. Snack on healthy and hearty dishes such as oats porridge, slightly toasted brown bread with cream cheese. You can also opt for carrots & cucumbers with hummus dip as snack.

Indoor activities: If you think its too cold outside, you can exercise indoors. Try Zumba* Fitness, every hour you can loose upto 800 calories. 200 jumps* or even cross trainer* for one hour is a perfect way to keep yourself fit.

Resting: Its important to rest well. All the activity is going to make you feel tired. Daily sleep of at least 7 hours will give you energy to go on throughout the day.

Keep yourself healthy & active this winter. Keep your weight in check and do measure your waist, stomach and thighs every week to see the difference after exercising. The loss of weight in healthy way is the biggest reward you can give to yourself.

Happy Winter everyone 🙂

*If you are suffering from any heart disease, kindly exercise as per doctor’s advice. Do not in any way over stress your body.