Chef Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery JBR

Bouchon bakery is a brainchild of famous 7 star Michelin chef Thomas Keller. Post the launch of Bouchon Bistro & The French Laundry, the chef decided to try out bakery options for everyone in form of Bouchon. The bakery quickly blossomed into a full grown establishment. When I was in Vegas, I wanted to try out Bouchon Bakery but I couldn’t due to lack of time. Who knew four years later I would be sitting in this very establishment sipping delicious coffee and snacking on some of finest pastries. Lucky me!
Bouchon bakery is open from breakfast to dinner. Located at JBR, this bakery offers beautiful views! I visited here for dinner but definitely will be back for breakfast. Here’s all we tried.
Monkey bread: Cinammon-ney goodness and fresh bread that is perfect accompaniment to coffee.
Cream Cheese Danish: I want to wake up to this everyday!!!
Almond croissant: okay, one cream cheese danish and one almond croissant everyday!!
White bean soup: not a fan of this one as I felt the piquillo pepper vinaigrette was a bit too strong.
Quiche Forestier: my guest tried this one. His experienced palate has never tried something like this before. In another words, he loved it! In fact he went back to try it again!
Grilled Cheese Sandwich: I could taste the mature cheddar and the fontina too. The bread was fresh!
Secret sandwich: that’s not on the menu but as they didn’t not have a vegetarian sandwich available. I requested if anything can be done about that and the manager instucted his staff to whip up a special one just for us! It was a version of their roasted mushroom sandwich and as per my suggestion it was served in walnut bread. That bread was super moist, I could taste how fresh it was and also how pairing it with roasted mushrooms made it even better. Both walnuts and mushrooms complimenting textures and earthy flavors.
We moved on to desserts. I was overwhelmed as the there was so much to try. However I opted for some of the best ones I have read about earlier.
Famous TKO- Thomas Keller Oreo, dark chocolate biscuit with white chocolate ganache filling. Classic and better than any oreo any day! This tribute to oreo is a hit!
Macrons: assorted macrons, each flavorful and delicious! My favorite was saffron & coconut ❤
Paris Brest: I don’t know where to to begin with this dessert. It’s more like a dream! Raspberries, pistachio, lightly rose flavored cream and raspberry jam sandwiched between choux pastry.
Chocolate eclair: do I have anything to compare this on? Really not because this is another dreamy pastry I would give up my entire meal for. It’s filled with just perfect amount of cream and chocolate. Topped with 22 carat gold leaf this delight is perfect for Dubai-ites!
OH OH! – I was wondering why it’s named as such but then I tried out the pastry. My expressions were exactly OH OH! Covered in thick chocolate shell is a delicious chocolate swiss roll.
The food is undoubtedly delicious! There is no fussy presentation. It’s simple, the flavors and freshness of ingredients are inviting enough. The manager Mr. Alex was very kind to suggest us few dishes to try. He also informed us that everything in the bakery is made from scratch with the finest ingredients and secret recipes that only few know. Freshness is emphasized here as they bake their breads and other viennoiseries as early as 4am!
At the beginning of the session, our service was a bit slower and we had to repeat orders twice to our server. As the evening progressed, the service gradually improved.
Overall, bouchon Bakery’s dishes are simply delicious! This is one place you must not miss! Perfect for breakfast dates! Their coffee is sourced from Ghana and it’s strong and the fragrance is really inviting! The viennoiseries  are flaky, buttery and simply divine!
Bouchon Bakery validates parking at any spends more than AED75. Valet service is available as well.
Contact : 04 4190772 for reservations.
  • Walk ins welcomed
  • Wifi not yet added
  • Valet Services
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Breakfast spots
  • Fresh bakery items

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Carnival By Tresind Season 3 Review

Carnival By Tresind is only getting better every season. For starters they have introduced a new section small plates. While other fine dining restaurants have increased the costs, Carnival has bought them down by reducing the portion sizes.
The amuse bouche for season three was the truffle bun. So delicious that I would gobble more than one of these.
We tried the chef’s tasting menu and every dish he we tried was really interesting. Especially their version of P,B & J which has slabs of paneer stacked together served with berry jam.
My only dislike from the entire set courses that I tried was the Gatte Ki Sabzi which didn’t taste anything interesting.
This season Carnival has upped their cocktail game with crazy cocktails like the grenade, Toddy which was actually served with a toddy field presentation. The eye of the tiger which was presented beautifully & my favorite the Irish Bar.
From the desserts, I would highly recommend the Palang Tod ( breaking the bed would be a literal translation). Cooked milk resembling like crumbles
topped with nuts. This dish is decadent! We also tried the gems ( M & Ms of INDIA) inspired dessert that was stuffed with mango puree. This dessert was a good too but for me the former one was the winner!
Overall, Carnival By Tresind’s menu is always exciting that this time around they have left no stone unturned. Quirky concepts and interesting dinnerware used throughout our courses definitely left a huge impact! No wonder why the celebrities choose to dine here.
Full Bar Available
Luxury Dining
Valet Parking Available
Kid Friendly
Contact 04 4573732 for reservations

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Salads & More At Richy’s

As I always say, dining in JLT is fun now that’s because there are so many options! One of delicious options is Richys that serves wraps salads and smoothies all day long!
I tried the following salads, some custom made and some of their in house specials.
Zippy Tofu salad with goma dressing is,a must try as its zingy and I love the addition of edamame beans to it.
The Krunchy kale salad, again what a delicious combination with sweet potato and feta giving that creaminess.
My diy salad ( tricolored fusilli/grilled portebello mushrooms/ sundried tomato/corn/zucchini/ olives/Mozzarella/basil pesto) not low carbohydrate dish but really filling and it’s perfect for a light lunch.
They do offer delicious soups too. My favorite was the tomato and basil soup. Not a fan of fried crunchies but it adds a good crunchy element to the dish.
They have interesting wraps as well. What I tried was their veggie wrap which I replaced the feta with halloumi. My only concern was that the dressing of the wrap was a bit salty.
Coming to the desserts, I absolutely loved the fresh strawberry cheesecake. It not overtly sweet but the right amount of sweet.
Overall, Richys is a really good option for those looking to try new and healthy salad combinations. Also those who love DIY-ing own wraps and salads is a great idea!
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Contact them on 800742497 for orders

Talk Of The Town-Ramusake

eRamusake at first glance transportation you to a different world all together. The decor is impressive with Japanese paper lamps and trendy wall art showcasing the era of 1920s in Tokyo. It’s funky and its eye catching! This London brand by Piers Adams is now one of hottest restaurants in town!
The dishes are designed to carry the modern izakaya dining experience.Vegetarians at a Japanese restaurant are a bit of an odd pair but well the restaurant does have some good vegetarian options which work to a decent meal.
Every dish we tried packed a punch! Right from the signature Ramusake salad with wafu dressing to the desserts. Absolutely loved the fried truffle & cheese dumplings with ponzu so good that we had to ask for it twice! Some of other dishes we tried were sweet potato fries, Yasai Nigiri & Vegetable Futomaki. Since they did not have any main courses for vegetarians, we were served a repeat of previous courses and whipped potato with shiso butter which is a side.
For desserts, we tried the the green tea, chocolate and vanilla mochi, lemon cheesecake and assorted sorbets and ice creams. Absolutely loved the mochi and the house-made assorted ice creams were delicious too!
Fabulous food paired with some interesting cocktails and upbeat atmosphere. Ramusake impressed me in the first go! My favorite drink from the evening was Asahi.
Please note: This review is from the media night held at the restaurant’s launch in June 2016. Since I had lost my data, the same was not published in time. Luckily, I have recovered the data and am posting the detailed account written back then. Most of the dishes mentioned above are still on the menu. 
  • Full Bar Available
  • Wifi
  • Valet Parking Available
  • Live Music
  • Ladies nights on Wednesdays
Contact 04 5595300 for reservations, DoubleTree by Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Beach, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), Dubai
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Simple Indian Food – Rajdhani

The first time I tried Rajdhani was at a mall in Mumbai, India and my family had loved the thali experience. When they introduced their outlet in Dubai, I went twice once with my friends and then family to try out their thalis. The idea is pretty simple everything is served at the table the appetizers, the curries, rice, breads and Sweets in a dish called Thali ( large metal plate)
I  am not a thali person because I don’t like to try lot of dishes at one time. However I like the concept and their hospitality due to which I visited twice. Coming to the food, thali has around four curries, four types of lentils, three starters, three types chutneys, four breads, two types of rice and three types of sweets.. phew. Sounds a lot isn’t it? And the best part is that they truly believing hospitality like they are inviting you to their home for a lunch or dinner.The servers build rapport by talking about the dishes and also sweetly encourage you to try everything that is available. There is also buttermilk and drink of the day served alongside your meal. The food is homely and wholesome!
Photos click from my phone
Even though the food is nothing extraordinary, the service certainly is! Right from the manager to the servers everyone is courteous.
Contact:  04 2753071
Location: Ground Floor, Al Khafajy Building, Opposite Ministry Of Interior, Al Karama, Dubai
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Restaurant Review: Wolf & Friends Lounge

Health cafes is a trend catching up soon in Dubai. More so in New Dubai, places such as Jlt, Marina and Barsha heights have new cafes are sprouting up frequently. One such interesting visit was to Wolf & friends Lounge. Located in Jlt, this cafe serves healthy and organic eats at reasonable prices.
I tried range of soups, Margarita pizza, pastas & drinks. From soups, the Broccoli and Cheese soup was delicious. Our Margarita pizza was great! Flavorful and fresh out of oven. They prepare the sauces by themselves. The in-house ketchup has a bit if smokey flavour palate but I would prefer it any day over the bottled version.
Out of the handmade pastas, I enjoyed the yogurt and garlic pasta was something different. I hadn’t tried that earlier so it was interesting to see how the flavors were. The pasta were a bit thick for my liking but were cooked alright. Spiral cucumber salad is a good option for those who want to go gluten free/healthy and halloumi grill is delicious too!
Overall, Wolf & friends is a place still developing but I really do like the simple decor and farm to table concept. I had visited the restaurant at the launch week so expecting that the service would have picked up from the initial days. The owner was explaining the concepts of how difficult it is to source high quality products from farms and places unreachable, it was interesting to learn about the same.
contact for reservations:  04 4371694

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Dessert Heaven At Divan Patisserie

Ever dreamt of place that serves decadent cakes, a chocolate fountain and waft of chocolate everywhere?
I think our dreams have just been fulfilled with Divan Patisserie’s new store at Dubai Mall.
Divan is a well know Turkish brand from Divan group of companies. I didn’t know much about them prior my visit but once I did, I can’t stop talking about them. The store is located at the lower ground level just next to my once a favorite La cure Gourmande.
My guest and I opted to try their signature Hot chocolate that is served in a delicate flute glass, loved the presentation and the drink was so rich full of chocolaty goodness. A tray full of chocolates were served all of different kinds, some dark, some milk based all so melt in mouth and divine !
The Turkish coffee we tried was super strong and perfect blend for my office mornings. post my caffeine fix we tried some mini cakes that were looking gorgeous! the most delicious one was the one with macaroons.
All the dishes including the macaroons and cakes are prepared fresh but their mixes are prepared and bought from Turkey. I am not a fan if Turkish delights but I was totally gorging on them here because they were so fresh and perfectly chew-able. apart from these sweeties they also serve the famous Buraks which are filo pastries filled with cheese or spinach and cheese mix. it’s not their forte and not the best I have had but a good accompaniment with your tea/coffee.
The chocolate fountain is another delicious treat to watch! I totally forgot about the Dubai Mall fountain after watching this beauty… so sinful, so mesmerizing!
Whether you opt to dine in or pick up some assortments both the ways the service is quick. they offer in house chocolates, biscuits,Turkish delights, mini cakes, assorted mini savories, buraks, coated nuts, cakes per KG, macaroons and even cater to events. they do have prepacked gift assortments too which are perfect to giveaway to your loved ones.
Personally recommending the place to try their fantastic offerings.
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Contact : 04 3253204