Fresh & Hot! Zpizza

am a pizza maniac, I can eat it any time of the day! So it’s obvious that I keep discovering new places and telling you folks about the same.
Glad that restaurants are taking the concept of healthy eating seriously and so following that is Zpizza. They use GMO free flour and do offer gluten free options.
I tried their meal for four option which includes two salads, two medium pizzas, coke & six pieces of their garlic breads served with marinara sauce. My choice of pizzas included, spinach & mushroom which has white sauce base & California Veggie, filled with all the possible veggies. Whoever said pizzas are unhealthy are really wrong, just look at those veggies man! For salads I tried Greek salad & California salad, both were delicious & hearty portions. The garlic bread sticks were a bit tough to chew on but i am assuming that’s because i consumed it while it was cold.
Can’t wait for Zpizza business Bay branch to open up! It’s going to be near from my office which only means one thing.. more pizza lunches!
Please note: I was sent the meal as I had won their giveaway. I was not asked to review them but they do offer genuinely good food so do check them out!
 Contact them on 04 4371644 for orders

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Restaurant Review – Barbeque Nation

A concept which allows you to DIY bbq and enjoy other treats is not new to Dubai but certainly is for Barsha residents.
BBQ nation is a well known franchise from India with outlets in almost every city. Their specialty is grill as per your liking on the table, besides that they also have wide variety of counters where you are served soups, mains, rice, accompaniments, wraps and even your own mix of noodles.
I personally found the DIY grill part to be a bit slow because it takes a lot of time to get the perfect char on my paneer and vegetable skewers. The taste was spot on though. These skewers are partially cooked and served on table unlimited number of times. Once you want to stop the server from adding grills, all you need to do is put down the sign that says ” I give up”. Wait.. that doesn’t really mean you give up. You actually are just ready to proceed to main courses. I did enjoy those as there is a good variety for both vegetarians and non vegetarians. My eyes were fixated on the wrap and rolls counter, basically a paratha and you can add mix of vegetables, paneer and sauces. It was delicious and fun to watch.
The staff were super friendly throughout the service, encouraging my guest and I to try out everything. It was a wide buffet so trying out each and every item is a task but we managed it.
Towards the end of our meal I was too stuffed to try the desserts. However when I was been informed of kulfi counter I was thrilled to try! They have a great variety of all in-house made kulfis with flavors like chocolate to saffron. Eat the kulfi plain or get it topped with variety of toppings like nuts, cookies, wafer biscuits, smarties and many more. The desserts apart from kulfi ice creams were passable because they weren’t that great. I felt there is a bit more work required at that end since especially the cakes which I found a bit too dry.
Overall, BBQ nation is a great option and a good place to visit with your foodie friends. A word of caution though, make sure you are really hungry else you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the variety. The thing with buffets is that everyone finds their own liking some may love the grills while some may enjoy something else so it’s always a win win situation.
Decor-wise, the restaurant has wide wooden tables and faux bar area at the end(because they don’t serve alcohol). There is a lot of seating area and great for parties. They do have live music in evenings and offer catering to events as well.
I also had brief chat with Mr Dipak, the manager of the branch. I am informed that soon there will be a chaat corner added to the already wide buffet. Due to popular demand a branch in Karama will be launched too.
  • Buffet
  • Wheelchair Friendly
  • Kids Friendly
  • Wifi
 Visit Barbeque Nation Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato for menu and more images from my tasting
Contact  04 4376096 for reservations

New Restaurant On The Block – Spiceklub

When I first heard about Spiceklub I was super excited because this place is just few minutes away from my home. Also that it’s a all vegetarian franchise from Mumbai that claims to offer diners a molecular gastronomy experience at reasonable prices. I have literally grown up watching Heston Blumenthal series on food and science so it was interesting to see how far can Spiceklub replicate similar experience to their diners.
My guest and I were invited for the preview on weekday dinner service. At first sight the restaurant is already filled with a lot of customers, mostly families which is a good sign because that means the restaurant is running well in its first week.
Since this was a blogger invite, the chef had already selected the dishes and the same were presented to us. For appetizers, we tried the dahi Wada, masala makai seekh, naanza & hara bhara kabab. Unlike other restaurants, Spiceklub offers you a wide selection of accompaniments with your appetizers a total of 8 in cute cutting chai glasses. We loved the Naanza (don’t have it cold though as it goes chewy) and surprisingly the dahi Wada which was presented in spherical blobs on tasting spoon with bondi (besan fritters) and chutneys. It was a very interesting dish and I wasn’t initially keen on trying it but once I had, I couldn’t stop! The other two appetizers were passable.
Of the drinks we tried, the fruit lassi topped with rabri foam which definitely stood out. These were more of eating dish rather than drinking. The other drink was kokum based, a bit like sweet and sour mix which was alright.
For the main courses, we had paneer dish and a dal dish. Both of which were simple, no fuss dishes perfect for someone who doesn’t want to experiment much. For breads we had the missi roti and the garlic cheese naan. The missi roti was too hard to chew on and not a match with the main courses.The naan on the other hand was moist and perfect. Apart from this we also tried the vegetable dum biryani and anaar raita which were simple again but flavorful.
The desserts we tried were paan mousse, flowerpot and old school lollies. All three dishes were interactive and fun! The ice lollies taste wise were not the best but gains points for the fun element. The flower pot was delicious with lightly sweetened mousse with rasmalai at the bottom, chocolate soil at the top all created with Belgium chocolate. It was the best dessert of the three. Besides this we also tried the pan mousse which is presented on the table which nitrogen liquid poured over the top, it freezes the mousse which is on base of a rose petal. Now I am not a fan of rose petals or paan actually so I wasn’t impressed with the dish but my guest found it interesting and he enjoyed it. We ended our meal with gulkand chocolates which were bursting with flavor.

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 The food is definitely not the issue at Spiceklub because you certainly get your money’s worth both flavor-wise and quantity wise. The issue is the service which I found a bit slow before, during our mains and towards the end as well. I did ask for the drinks menu several times to try out something else but that never came instead the desserts arrived. I felt the staff do require a bit of additional training so that they can improve upon minor details like prompting guests in timely manner for any additional requirements.
Decor-wise, the restaurant is very trendy and colorful. With quirky lighting and pillows that quote famous Bollywood dialogues this place is casual and appealing. I loved the addition of colors through the rangoli wall.
Overall, Spiceklub is a good option to try for vegetarians. It’s different, it’s interesting and curiosity is certainly attracting many to try out this place. There are few hits and few misses from the selection of dishes we tried. The staff is courteous throughout the service, they do help with suggestions too. Service though is bit of a concern which hopefully will improve with time.
  • Kids friendly
  • Party/Events
  • All Vegetarian/Vegan
  • Jain options available
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Reservation recommended

contact 04 3931233, visit SpiceKlub Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato for menu and more images from my tasting 🙂

Simple Indian Food – Rajdhani

The first time I tried Rajdhani was at a mall in Mumbai, India and my family had loved the thali experience. When they introduced their outlet in Dubai, I went twice once with my friends and then family to try out their thalis. The idea is pretty simple everything is served at the table the appetizers, the curries, rice, breads and Sweets in a dish called Thali ( large metal plate)
I  am not a thali person because I don’t like to try lot of dishes at one time. However I like the concept and their hospitality due to which I visited twice. Coming to the food, thali has around four curries, four types of lentils, three starters, three types chutneys, four breads, two types of rice and three types of sweets.. phew. Sounds a lot isn’t it? And the best part is that they truly believing hospitality like they are inviting you to their home for a lunch or dinner.The servers build rapport by talking about the dishes and also sweetly encourage you to try everything that is available. There is also buttermilk and drink of the day served alongside your meal. The food is homely and wholesome!
Photos click from my phone
Even though the food is nothing extraordinary, the service certainly is! Right from the manager to the servers everyone is courteous.
Contact:  04 2753071
Location: Ground Floor, Al Khafajy Building, Opposite Ministry Of Interior, Al Karama, Dubai
For images visit Rajdhani Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Restaurant Review: Caliburger

Caliburger a well known establishment from the golden state (California) has opened their stores in Dubai and are soon expanding to other Emirates. The decor is super trendy and casual. I loved the outdoor seating but since it was sunny that day we choose to dine inside.
When I checked the menu, we were been informed that their halloumi sandwich is only available during breakfast (until 11a.m) now as I am a vegetarian, I cannot try their other burgers. I inquired the staff if any exceptions can be made. At first I was been declined and then after a bit of inquiring I was been informed that lettuce wrap is what I can get. I wasn’t too keen on trying that and inquired if it can be given in a bun at least. The staff agreed and prepared a grilled cheese sandwich for us. We also tried the wild fries, onion rings and mozzarella sticks. These were saviors of our lunch and my guest and I enjoyed the same. The mozzarella sticks were stringy and the cheese was oozing out! Along with this we had lotus milkshake each, it was a bit runny for a milkshake but good on flavor.
Coming to the desserts, we tried the Apple pie with ice cream and Brownie sundae. Now I don’t understand the obsession with lotus because both of desserts had lotus and caramel sauce. The piping hot Apple pie with vanilla ice cream was delicious! On the other hand the brownie sundae was no less!
Overall, we enjoyed the sides and desserts but definitely I couldn’t try the burgers. The staff in the beginning were very flustered as they mentioned that they weren’t aware of my visit. After about ten minutes I was been informed that it’s ok to dine . The menu doesn’t mention that breakfast items are available until 11am so I couldn’t try the halloumi sandwich which I was intending to. I will definitely go back to try it.
The place is a self/semi self service one wherein you order and once the tracker rings you can pick it up which is something common in US and majority of fast food joints across UAE.
What’s interesting is that they also had a gemjump challenge for their diners. I hope they do introduce that again because it was an amazing challenge where you could win prizes up to 10000$, ipads, burgers and many more things.

Home Delivery
Wheelchair friendly

Kid Friendly

Outdoor Seating

Contact : 8002254 for orders
Address: Opposite Mashreq Bank, Jumeirah Road, Umm Suqeim, Dubai
For menu and more images visit  CaliBurger Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Indian Coastal Cuisine At NH17

Most of you may know Route NH 66 (formerly known as NH17) as the route covering area right from the state of Maharashtra to Tamil Nadu. Not going much into the detail of geographics here but this idea inspired an entrepreneur who has introduced cuisine from this region to Dubaites.
NH17 offers cuisine from the coastal region and their menu is really a elaborate one. Located at Sea view hotel Mankhool this place is jampacked with seafood lovers. However Indians being Indians, we always welcome vegetarians no matter how popular the place is for non vegetarians/pescatarians.
Coming to the food, we had a lot of options so for the starters my guest and I opted for paneer chilly dry and vegetable seekh kababs. Both perfectly made, in fact the kebabs were really cooked well and moist throughout. For our mains we opted paneer ghee roast and sabzi panchamel. Interestingly, paneer ghee roast paired with neer dosa is a popular dish of Mangalore. A word of caution for those who don’t like spicy food, Paneer Ghee roast is a spicy dish. On the other hand is the panchamel vegetable curry that was sweet, rich and flavourful with our hot cheese kulchas. They do serve biryanis as well, I opted for vegetarian biryani that had nuts and vegetables well cooked. As the manager highlighted to us, only aged and long grain rice are used at the restaurant and poor quality is not accepted.
To end on a sweet note we tried out the desserts. Gulab jamun & creme caramel. Both were served in a very homely manner. The presentation was a bit weak but taste wise it was just perfectly sweet.
Though the restaurant really does look smaller from the outside, it is spacious and beautiful inside. interesting dim lighting, woodworks and bright red handiwork table runners creates a welcoming atmosphere for the guests. My concern was a bit for the service as initially the service was a bit slow because the restaurant was packed on the weekend. Also we had to highlight the staff several times to get cold juices and not warm which were rectified much later. The service definitely needs improvement. The staff though were very courteous throughout.
Overall, if you are a fan of coastal cuisine or want to try something Indian but different then this is a place to head. All dishes including the starters are generously portioned and easily share-able between two.
Visit  NH17 Indian Coastal Cuisine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato for rating and more images from this tasting session.

Sharjah’s Hidden Gem – Rabie Al Shaay Cafe

Rabie Al Shaay is a small eatery located at University city road in Sharjah. Now when the invite came to review this place I was confused whether it’s worth a drive all the way from Dubai that too on a Friday. Hesitantly I agreed to pay a visit even though I had never heard of the road itself which the students refer to Karak Tea road. Thank God for gps we did find our way to the place.

Rabie Al Shaay offers various dishes, right from crepes to paratha rolls. I was interested to see If they can ace all cuisines offered. So I set to order dishes from different cuisines. My guest ordered his cheese and onion omelette and spinach omelette. I didn’t try those but my guest loved it as it was filled with cheese. I was given a vegetarian version of dynamite fries which generally contain beef. Those were delicious! Besides that I also tried the halloumi sandwich which I have to say is the best I have had! Without a doubt the most moist and perfect sandwich that I wouldn’t share with anyone! I also loved the pink sauce pasta as they were fresh, perfectly al dente and flavorful, even more than some five star restaurants. My guest tried the oman chips paratha and it was a passable but maybe for someone who hasn’t tried it earlier, it’s a good option to go with. Coming to our desserts, We were already full but the manager was really sweet and insisted us to try out the chocolate sushi crepe. This crepe has moist brownie pieces in it and just watching the chef prepare it was interesting experience. It is topped with rich white and milk chocolate from Belgium.
For drinks we tried out the strawberry mojito and lemon-mint mojito. Both were refreshing and really worth the price. Apart from the mojitos we tried their famous shakes as well. A ferrero shake and kinder shake, both worth the price and thickest of shakes prepared so well that I have nothing but praises for it!
The manager explains me that all they focus on creating healthy yet delicious food for customers who are mostly students as there are many universities nearby. The products used are from organic and local farmers even the fresh seafood is from local markets. Even though the cafe is really small, they have 14-15 Staff because they are always very busy with delivery/takeaway orders. The head chef has been headhunted from a very popular three star hotel. The prices are purposely kept really reasonable as students would otherwise not be able to afford.
My only concern was the seating as there was no place for dine in but I was explained that’s how the restaurants in this area operate. At first I was a bit confused as to how will this work but once the food arrived I was busy trying out the flavors of the world!
If you are in area nearby or want to do a takeaway/catering for an event then I would strongly recommend to visit Rabie Al Shaay.
Finally answering the question, was it worth a drive from Dubai to Sharjah to try out this restaurant? YES without a doubt! Also I was been informed that they will be adding a branch in Dubai too which is a great move!
  • Open until 3AM
  • Quick Service
  • Deliveries and Takeaways
  • Super Affordable
  • Insta Worthy Food presentation

Contact: 06 5691144 or 0568911405 for orders.

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