Product review: Get Rid of Those Eyebags with Herbline Essentials Under Eye Gel

Stress, work, constant pressure on eyes and age affects the most on under eye skin. I recently noticed dark circles under my eyes. Never realized it before but when I took off the makeup, I kept staring at myself in the mirror. Though these were lighter circles but it concerned me ad so dis the eye bags. I always want a fresh look and not something that makes me look sick or tired.

I prefer beauty products that are less harmful to skin v/s those which have quick results but are filled with killer chemicals. So I got myself a HE Under Eye Gel which is easily available at leading pharmacies. Herbline Essentials and me go way back.. when they had first launched in the market, their products were an instant hit. I have tried many products from this brand and I must say, most of them have impress me. Except the apricot & honey scrub that had caused me slight rashes..that was really long back when they had different packaging.

Back to our Herbline Essentials Under Eye Gel review..let’s first read the excerpts from the box and understand the contents.


“This light and oil free gel, intensively revitalises the delicate under eye area giving a more youthful appearance. The gel, which includes SPF 15, moisturises and protects this delicate area from the ill effects of the sun and environment, and effectively reduces dark circles, bags and fine lines for a flawless result.”

Contents: Spring Water, Aloe Vera Gel, Honey, Carbomer, Almond Oil, TEA, Phenoxyethanol

Its amazing how these simple ingredients can turn into something so useful. The product is like a gel, clear and there is no color whatsoever. (as seen in image below)


Easy to use, just squeeze the pump on your palm twice for gel that would cover skin under both eyes. With tip of your finger apply the gel under the eye twice a day.

Used the product for two weeks and started noticing the difference. My skin under eye was getting lighter and fresher also it eliminated the eye bags( yey). The dark circles have reduced massively and I no longer resemble a panda bear but a fresher face. Happy to see the results of the product on my skin. When Ayurvedic products are so good, why opt for chemicals filled products? A bit pricey for AED136 (36/37$) but its worth the price.

You can purchase this product from Boots pharmacy or from They offer worldwide shipping option.

DIY Facemasks That Can Glow Your Skin!

Learn these beauty hacks that are suggested by my granny and you will be glowing in no time! These face masks can be made and stored up to two days.

Cinnamon & Oats:  Soak 1/2 cup cooking oats & 1tsp cinnamon in 1/2 cup milk (almond milk can be a substitute) for 2 hours. Apply the oats mask on your face and neck, let it stay for half hour and wash. This facemask will rejuvenate and lighten your skin.

Dried Rose: Crush dried rose petals and add 2 Tsp honey to it. Mix well and apply on the face, leave it for half an hour and wash. This facemask is good for tightening skin and refresh dry skin. Use this mask twice in a month and you don’t need anything else for your skin.

Ripe Banana & lemon : Mash ripe banana, juice of 1 lemon and honey together. Apply on face and neck, leave it for fifteen minutes. Wash and see the difference in skin shade. This will immediately lighten the skin and frequent application of this face mask will make your skin as soft as that of a baby.

Coffee & cocoa: Mix finally ground organic coffee , 70% or more unsweetened cocoa powder and 2 tbsp honey. Gently scrub this mix in curricular motions on your face and leave it for half an hour. Wash well and see the glowing skin. This scrub is good for those who have acne issues.

These super easy facemask ideas are quick and easy to make. If you have any queries, please do mention them in comments below and I will resolve them for you.


Along with skin care if you are controlling on your diet and need some healthy recipe inspirations, visit this link- ALOHA

On Reviewing Desk- Dabur Herbolene

A few days back I made the worst decision of trying out a new salon for my beauty fix. The staff was inexperienced and had no idea of how to work with skin delicately. The waxing on my legs was done so painfully that it developed rashes and made my legs look like got a first degree burn (Filed a consumer complaint against the Salon for this). I was really upset with the whole episode and was clueless of what to do about it. Before I could book an appointment with the dermatologist, my granny suggested that I try Dabur’s Herbolene and see if it brings any difference to the situation.

Headed out to the nearest drugstore and got myself a 115ml jar to try out. It cost me only 5.95AED (2.5$) and the jar is pretty handy and comes with clear instructions of usage. The packaging is very similar to another famous petroleum jelly company but the texture is way better than the former. There is a very mild fragrance that the product has and is pretty easy to apply. I applied it twice in a day in hope that it will heal my rashes.

Day one: No difference..I know that these rashes and burning sensation wont disappear in a jiffy and that this was just a product and not a magic potion that would heal upon applying but still I just wanted to get rid of those horrendous rashes!

Day two: Situation got a bit better, I woke up to see that the burning sensation has reduced massively *I did a little cheer dance* now only to get rid of the red rashes.

In just two more days I had got rid of those rashes and the burning sensation on my legs. I was ecstatic to see the difference and now will be stocking this up to repair my sensitive skin.

The product works well as a makeup remover, even the toughest of eyeliners get wiped off. It also heals cracked heels, chapped lips, sunburns and nappy rashes.

Dabur’s Herbolene perfectly moisturizes and gives a subtle glow to the skin. Just a teaspoon is sufficient to cover large area. I’d definitely recommend this product to everyone. Dabur is a trusted brand that has been used by many, there are no fuss no frills.. some of you might have not even heard of the brand because they don’t advertise much. Then again advertising is needed for products that are either new or are not selling, clearly Dabur is none of those.

Note: In case you have excessive sensitive skin or suffering from any skin issues such as eczema, please seek doctor’s advice prior application of any skincare products. 

Skin Care Product Review – Herbline Essentials SPF 40 Sunscreen lotion

This is a perfect time to test out sunscreen lotions that suit your skin. Its just the beginning of summer and as you know it gets awfully humid and hot by May. Which is why finding your perfect sunscreen lotion is very important. Even if someone is exposed to the Sun for a shorter while, the rays cause harm to the skin and result in excessive dryness, aging and break outs. In such scenario the most simple solution is to prepare and product yourself beforehand.

For preparation, one needs to know what best suits their skin, There are a lot of SPF lotions available in the market but most of them don’t turn out as expected. I recently purchased a brand that made my skin greasy and caused irritation that lasted an entire day. Also there was one of SPF lotions that tanned me instead of saving my skin. However these experiences don’t deter me from testing until I find something that is just perfect. Today I am reviewing Herbline Essentials SPF 40 Sunscreen lotion. Read to know whether this could be on your summer must haves list.


I was recently introduced to Herbline Essentials SPF 40 Sunscreen lotion, also was assured that this product unlike other SPF lotions is lighter and better.Questions that I had.. will it suit my dry and sensitive skin? Will it be greasy and sticky? Will it moisturize my skin? When I finally got my hands on Herbline Essentials SPF 40 Sunscreen lotion I set to try it out. Applied it in morning before my 30 minute walk. The lotion is so light and non greasy I loved the texture. Also there was no excessive sweating caused due to the lotion. My skin stayed soft and hydrated throughout. After that I have been using the lotion for past two days and I have to say this is the best SPF lotion I have ever tried.

Many may argue that the SPF needs to be higher as the temperatures rise in UAE at an unbearable level. As Herbline Essentials SPF 40 Sunscreen lotion is 100% organic, the maximum it can go upto is 40. It can be used by anyone right from children to elders. Also the lotion has healing qualities for minor burns and rashes caused due to heat. Its a great product for those like me who have a very sensitive skin and cannot stand high percentage of chemicals in their creams.



Spring Water, Coco Palm Wax, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Glycerrhiza, Rosemary Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Avocado, Wheat Germ Oil, Indian Madder, Liquorice, Lactic Acid, Zinc Oxide, Natural Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol

Definitely stocking up this product, Its handy and easy to carry around in my handbag. It is the best skincare investment you can make this summer!

Herbline Essentials Sun Screen SPF 40, 120ML retails for AED 109 at pharmacies across the UAE and Kuwait, you can also order online as worldwide shipping is offered. Visit Herbline Essentials to order yours and read more about theirs products. 

WIN! WIN! WIN! Pink Asfoura’s Summer Giveaway!

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New Skincare Range Launched! UrbanVeda: Aryuveda skincare with a modern twist!

Every day we go into battle with environmental factors such as excessive central heating or air conditioning, exhaust fumes, dust, dirt and stress, which negatively affect the health of our skin as our lifestyles are mirrored in our complexion. The UrbanVeda range has been formulated using natural ingredients and the principles of Ayurveda in a relevant way for 21st century skin care complaints to ‘pollution proof’ skin leaving it less vulnerable to the environment.

UrbanVeda believes the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda fits seamlessly into a modern 21st century lifestyle. But unlike so many things in the modern world, Ayurveda doesn’t believe just in the quick fix. Naturally formulated using Ayurvedic herbs, flowers and fruits, combined with multi-vitamins and clinically proven actives, UrbanVeda helps to maintain the skin’s natural balance by infusing it with Omega-rich bio-oils, free radical-fighting antioxidants and vitality-boosting essential fatty acids.

Inspired by Ayurveda – an ancient Indian health and wellbeing system based on the holistic and therapeutic properties of plants- UrbanVeda is targeted to help pollution-proof modern lifestyles. The four amazing ranges in the UrbanVeda collection have been created to target different skin types, which in Ayurveda are associated with ‘doshas’ – The Ayurvedic terms to describe the physical and emotional tendencies in our mind and body.

The four ranges are Radiance, for dry and dull skin; Purifying, for oil-prone and congested skin; Soothing, for distressed skin relief; and Reviving, a pampering and replenishing range with naturally anti-aging ingredients suitable for all skin types.

For dry and dull skin types, and for the Vata dosha, the Radiance Range utilises natural Ayurvedic botanics Himalayan Goji berry, Papaya and Pomegranate. Star ingredient Turmerone, a distilled fraction derived from Turmeric, is an active and powerful antioxidant, shown to enhance complexion by up to 30%. The Radiance skincare is enhanced with an anti-inflammatory peptide sequence to impart a glow and luminosity helping to revitalise lack-lustre skin.

For oily and congested skin in need of detoxifying, the Purifying Range (for Kapha dosha),utilises 12 bioactive botanics including Spearmint, Mulberry, Eucalyptus and Quassia with an energising, stimulating and fresh aroma to invigorate mind and body. Star Ayurvedic ingredient, Neem, is a cold-pressed oil traditionally held to cleanse, tone and moisturise in one. It’s highly antiseptic and antibacterial properties make it an excellent natural ingredient for those with excess skin oils, granting mild cleansing properties throughout their skincare regime. The Purifying Day Cream and Purifying Protecting Night Cream help mattify shiny skin and refine excessive pores.

To soothe distressed skin, aromatic Sandalwood oil is infused with 16 botanics including organic Aloe Vera juice, Myrrh and Clary Sage. Brimming with harmonising and therapeutic botanics to fight fatigue, dehydration and stress, the Soothing Range helps to balance elemental damage and alleviate rosy complexions to calm, clarify and content the Pitta dosha.

UrbanVeda’s tri-doshic Rose + botanics range, suitable for all skin types, offers antioxidant and flower water fortification to pamper tired and mature skin. Drawing on Rose’s natural anti-aging properties, combined with multi-vitamins and clinically proven actives, the Reviving Range includes naturally anti-aging evening Primrose, Omega-rich Rosehip, Borage, Rose Geranium, harmonising Jasmine and collagen-boosting Arjuna.

Each collection contains a full regime of both facial skincare and body care, from intelligent plant-based hydrators naturally formulated to factor in the effects the environment; stress and dehydration play on skin health, to body washes that cleanse without stripping using luxurious skin conditioning plant extracts.

All UrbanVeda packaging is recyclable, and bottles are made using post-consumer recycled plastic. UrbanVeda use Forest Sustainability Certified packaging and are Vegetarian Society certified. Belief in the value of nature means valuing plants as nature intended- all UrbanVeda products are free from GM ingredients, parabens, SLS/SLES, artificial colours and mineral oil.

   Group - Purifying

As a holistic brand UrbanVeda don’t, and will never, test on animals. UrbanVeda will be available from March 2015 exclusively in Holland and Barrett. Prices start from AED 75

Image and Text source: Official press release

New Beauty Product Launch! – Fillerina Cosmetic Filler

Have your ‘fine’ expression lines begun to look more like trenches of late? Have you noticed a loss of volume in your cheekbones and a loss of plumpness in your lips? If the answer is a resounding ‘yes’, and you’re looking to stave off these telling signs of aging, we have just the solution you were looking for: Fillerina.

Part of a new generation of non-invasive, temporary cosmetic solutions, Fillerina is a topical filler treatment that can increase and replenish lips and cheekbones volume, as well as fill your wrinkles and lines –all to make your face look youthful and refreshed. The results are instant and gratifying.

What’s more, it’s a simple 2-step treatment that you can administer at home, for a duration of 14 days.

Step 1: The Fillerina Gel. Start your treatment with the gel which you can apply by using a precision applicator (fitted with a truncated metal tip), provided in the kit. Make sure to cover the areas where you have deeper wrinkles and expression lines, along with the areas that require greater volume, such as cheekbones and lips.

The Fillerina gel benefits from a proprietary method of filling the cutaneous tissues through a special use of hyaluronic acid, which plays a key role in binding large quantities of water molecules in the skin. The formulation of the Fillerina gel combines 6 different types of conveyed hyaluronic acids, which have individual molecular weight and structure, and, together, deliver a diversified action in the various cutaneous layers, to facilitate the filling in and plumping up of skin tissue.

The active component, Matrifull, acts over time on the skin matrix, promoting the reconstruction of the natural filling substances such as collagen I and III, and fibronectin, for a visible plumping effect.

Step 2: The Nourishing Film. To be applied after the Gel, this is a highly effective blend of optimum hydrating and revitalising ingredients that ensures the skin benefits from maximum comfort and nutrition, all the way through the day and night. It also leaves the skin looking bright and silky to touch. Over the course of 14 days (the duration of one treatment), Fillerina can turn back the clock: it can enhance and restore your facial features, smooths out lines and soften wrinkles. But what you want from a filler treatment is not just filling and plumping. It’s delivering aesthetically pleasing results in a subtle manner, so you can look more youthful in a relaxed, natural way. And that’s precisely what Fillerina delivers! The treatment can be repeated every 3 to 4 months as required.


Fillerina is the result of 5 years of research at Labo Cosprophar Suisse, renowned for its expertise, high standards of clinical safety and ability to bring best-in-class products to the cosmetic industry and consumers. Fillerina is available at leading pharmacies across the UAE from February 2015 and is priced from AED 499

Text Source: Official Press release