Salads & More At Richy’s

As I always say, dining in JLT is fun now that’s because there are so many options! One of delicious options is Richys that serves wraps salads and smoothies all day long!
I tried the following salads, some custom made and some of their in house specials.
Zippy Tofu salad with goma dressing is,a must try as its zingy and I love the addition of edamame beans to it.
The Krunchy kale salad, again what a delicious combination with sweet potato and feta giving that creaminess.
My diy salad ( tricolored fusilli/grilled portebello mushrooms/ sundried tomato/corn/zucchini/ olives/Mozzarella/basil pesto) not low carbohydrate dish but really filling and it’s perfect for a light lunch.
They do offer delicious soups too. My favorite was the tomato and basil soup. Not a fan of fried crunchies but it adds a good crunchy element to the dish.
They have interesting wraps as well. What I tried was their veggie wrap which I replaced the feta with halloumi. My only concern was that the dressing of the wrap was a bit salty.
Coming to the desserts, I absolutely loved the fresh strawberry cheesecake. It not overtly sweet but the right amount of sweet.
Overall, Richys is a really good option for those looking to try new and healthy salad combinations. Also those who love DIY-ing own wraps and salads is a great idea!
Find more about Richys on Richy's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Contact them on 800742497 for orders

Vegan Pizza & More At Freedom Pizza

Lately vegan cuisine has gained a lot of popularity in Dubai. Finding a unique way to promote this is Freedom pizza’s vegan sausage pizza. Yes you read it right.. It’s a sausage and made our of all vegan ingredients such as soy and more.
This was my first time trying a vegan sausage and even the vegan cheese. With strong base sauce and generous toppings, this pizza is a hit! Along with my pizza I also tried superfood salad which was delicious too! My only concern was the packaging as it was too flimsy to handle.
To end my meal I tried vegan Banoffee which I wasn’t a big fan of. However it is commendable that Freedom pizza offers this particular dessert because it’s difficult to replicate in vegan form. The Strawberry vegan Cheesecake was delicious too!
Overall, freedom pizza’s vegan range is a must try for those who are on vegan diet and even those who aren’t. The ingredients are all of top quality and organic. Freedom pizza is commited to offering delicious food at reasonable prices. Visit thier website to know more about thier interesting journey.
  • Vegan friendly
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • Takeaway options
  • Quick delivery
  • healthy eats

Call  04 3425755 or visit Freedom Pizza Website for orders.

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Breakfast Stories At Feast, Sheraton Grand

There is a saying that goes like ” have breakfast like a king, lunch like a Prince and dinner like a pauper”. That’s actually quite right because breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What’s better than starting your day at Sheraton Grand’s breakfast buffet?
A blogger friend ( check out Nikki’s blog Gooodcarbs) invited me for this tasting session. At first I was regretting waking up because it was the weekend and it was drizzling too. Parting with my bed was a difficult task but somehow I convinced myself as covering new places excites me.
Sheraton’s grand breakfast is like none other. They have live counters for pancakes your way, waffles and even stir fried noodles! All made fresh! The super sweet manager gave us a detailed tour of the entire spread! They had more variety than even some of buffets around the town.
For the health freaks there is also a gluten free and fat free option and no this was not on request, they always have these available considering the soaring demand. There is also a wide selection of fresh juices and smoothies for all.
My only dislike from the the range was Indian section as I felt better choice of dishes would have done justice to the cuisine. Nevertheless there were so many options that If you miss out on out section it shouldn’t be a big deal. Absolutely love the addition of ice cream to the breakfast buffet. Yes you read it right! They have delicious variety of ice creams ranging from sorbets to classics like chocolate.


If you are a UAE resident then you can get enjoy this grand breakfast treat for a little as Aed 69 by presenting your emirates ID.
Thanking Grand Sheraton always smiling staff for being so cooperative and letting us take delicious images of their stunning dishes. Everything is made in house freshly except the gluten free products which are sourced from trusted bakeries. Our server Viktor, an energetic chap was full of information about the buffet and did brief us on many of details.
Overall, Sheraton Grand’s breakfast buffet is a steal deal! Not saying this just because I was invited but because I have attended many corporate breakfasts at grandest of hotels. Either the prices are higher for the ones that offer everything like Feast restaurant does or there are limited vegetarian options. I am definitely going back especially for their bakery items such as tarts and croissants( I hope they start retailing them ’cause so good mmm..)
Grand Breakfast buffet deal is available at Feast restaurant. Visit Sheraton website ,  call +97145034444 for reservations or visit Feast - Sheraton Grand Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato  for menu
  • Kids friendly
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Complimentary WIFI
  • Vegan friendly
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • Helpful staff

A healthy Start With Mix And Muesli

Every year I make a resolution to eat healthy and then junk happens. Surprisingly this year I have actually stuck to eating healthy (only in breakfast though). It hasn’t helped in reducing weight aspect but certainly kept me energized and filled until lunchtime
Anyways so continuing my healthy breakfast habits I landed up on mix & muesli website. Created my own mix and voila the same was delivered to me in a cute basket with a bowl, spoon and my mix in a cylindrical case which resembles like Pringles case.
Mix and muesli allows you to create custom mixes of your choice. You can choose a base, nuts, dried fruits and many more things. If you aren’t the type who wants to create mixes you can order the premixes too which look equally good too. The website is user-friendly, once logged in you can Create mixes, delete items and learn about shipping too. Best part is that after creating a mix you can name it too.
My mix included: Choco Orange Granola (O), Sliced Almonds (GF), Walnuts (GF), Macadamia Nuts (GF), Goji Berries (GF), Chia Seeds (O,GF)
Total of my mix costed AED50. Easy peasy and boom the next day it was delivered. I preferred having my mix with milk and sometimes almond milk. I am always on the go so no bowl and spoon for me but I mix my creation in milk, shake and have it along with some fruits.
This is a really convenient service for all and its the best for kids too. Visit them here  or contact on 800-muesli to order your own mix.
Order your mix before 7th January 2017 using their promo code HOLIDAY30 and get upto 30% discount on your order.  #sponsoredpost

Smokin Hot Burgers From Smokin 9

Burgers are a always a huge hit with everyone. Be it kids or adults everyone seems to enjoy these handheld sandwiches bursting with flavors. By burgers I don’t mean those sold by corporate giants such as Mcds and KFCs, I was never into those anyways because they are so sub standard (in my opinion). If you want to have real burgers you’ve got to find hidden gems in your city. One such hidden gem I discovered is Smokin 9, JLT.

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The whole concept of Smokin 9 revolves around the 9 mini burgers. You can order a mix of all flavors in one box or opt for your favorites. Each priced very reasonably.


Since my friend & I are both vegetarians we opted for Kenny which comes with quinoa patty & Mozzar which is fried Mozzarella cheese slab. Both comes with their own sauces all made fresh in house! Also the buns are custom made for Smokin 9, they are soft and perfect to hold the contents.

What surprised me was the fact that these burgers look really small but are packed with strong flavors and are really unique. Kenny, the quinoa burger can surely change opinions of those who aren’t fond of its texture. The patty was really firm and light and complimented the roccoto marmalade sauce and my favorite avocado. I have tried making quinoa burgers at home but never are they so perfect. Upon inquiring the restaurant manager explains that it is a secret recipe that they wont part with. Of course they don’t have to share it, I can always satisfy my cravings at Smokin 9.



The Mozzar on the other hand is a cheese lovers paradise. With fried Mozzarella cheese slab stuffed in the mini burger alongside some sun dried tomatoes and basil. Light, fresh and classic! My guest is a true cheese fan and he enjoyed this version more than any.


For sides, smokin 9 offers Hand cut skin on fries & sweet potato fries. In all honestly I have tasted better fries than what are served here. I was super impressed by the homemade dips which are served alongside the fries & burgers. I particularly enjoyed the taste of roasted vegetables & curry dip paired with my sweet potato fries. For drinks they have the regular soft drinks & sparkling water. I felt they could add a bit more to that like my favorite avo + agave milkshake or just some fresh juices to complete the portion of balanced meal.



Smokin 9 is a place I would love to be for casual meet ups. As the restaurant manager Mr Amjad explains to me, they will be soon adding games section to their store wherein you could challenge your friends to a round of monopoly. The decor is minimalistic with metal caged work at the counter and fresh plants that give that green pop. In winters there will be more fun as they will be opening up to the gorgeous water view of JLT.


Overall, smokin 9 is the new place where friends meet. They do offer super quick deliveries and cater for parties as well. A clear concept & executed with perfection! Indeed intense & mouthwatering little treats.

Ps: On my interaction with one of their regular customers, I was been informed that I can have at least five burgers in one sitting. Thought that was an easy task considering my large appetite but I could only finish three. These burgers look mini but are really heavy.

More images from tasting session will be available on Zomato.

Contact Smokin 9 at 8006464, JLT Cluster U, Seef tower 2.

Like them on Facebook : Smokin 9

Follow them on Instagram : Smokin 9

You can also order online through Deliveroo App & Zomato.

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Restaurant Review: Prax’s

Jumeirah has always been my favorite late night hang out spot since childhood. The joys of having cheese regag from Labeeb grocery to Jabal Al Noor sandwiches and fruit cocktails, everything has its own beauty. My list of hangout spots in this area is increasing day by day and in my top five the latest addition is Prax’s.

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I was introduced to Prax’s when their lovely PR invited me for a dinner experience, had an option to choose from dine in/takeout or delivery. Opted for a takeout experience as I wanted to take a few shots of the restaurant as well.

To begin with I tried their Papaya salad and that really got me salivating. The freshness of the papaya , the crunchiness of peanuts, hint of spice from finely sliced chilies alongside the sweet cherry tomatoes is exactly what you look for in a traditional papaya salad (minus the oyster sauce) and Prax’s delivered to the taste!


For a picky eater like me, the freestyle option on the menu of mains is the best thing that could have happened because there are loads of options to choose from and you can do as many additions as you want. I chose the following:

Freestyle option 1

Jasmine Rice – Tofu – green curry sauce – mushrooms- baby corn – broccoli – peas. Topped with coriander

When we imagine a traditional green curry, its always this bright and beautiful green sauce along with seasonal vegetables and proteins. However at Prax’s they have given a twist to the traditional curry and made it a sauce base and the same is mixed in with subtly perfumed jasmine rice. I really like this version a lot because its perfect for busy times like in office when most of us are hurrying through our lunches. There is no spilling that will happen on your clothes and no need to transfer onto plates as you can eat out of box directly. The taste differs from the traditional thai green curry in obvious senses because here the sauce is absorbed by the rice already but it still manages to hit the right flavors. The portion is generous and so are the fried tofu pieces.


Freestyle option 2

Soba noodles – Tofu – chili Basil sauce- snow peas- Broccoli – bok choy – topped with spring onions

My friend and I were literally having a chopstick war over the last bits of this dish. That chili basil sauce is like crazy good! The dish is very mildly spicy and so flavorful! There is a certain smokey flavor profile to the dish, its perfect to compliment the soba noodles and the greens I had opted. Again generous with the tofu and the veggies. Highly recommending this combination.


Freestyle option 3

 soba noodles – Tofu – sweet and sour – pineapple – mixed peppers- mushrooms – topped with cashews and prax chilli paste

The yingyang chinese concept is very important for the dishes. The sweetness balanced with the sourness of the dish brings out the flavors well. While my friend did not enjoy this dish as the other two, I loved it. Also addition of pineapple made it a bit sweeter but I like it that way and the chili jam was cutting through the sweetness very well.


To end our meal, I tried out the Date & Caramel Panna Cotta. Had a bit of issue there as the my panna cotta was packed alongside all the hot boxes. By the time I reached home which is about 30 minutes away, the dessert had melted out from the bottom.I tried to set it back by keeping it in the chiller for a while. The taste was amazing though. Loved every bit of it and it was so light and had strong caramel taste to it.


In all honesty, I never thought these takeout boxes could have such a generous portion but I was so wrong. Each neon printed takeout box is filled sufficiently and they look so cute just like seen in american sitcoms. The boxes are clearly marked with the contents it carries so that orders dont get mixed up.


The open kitchen concept gives you a chance to look at your dishes being prepared. The jumeirah branch has seating arrangement in form of bar stools and airconditioned outdoor space. They have also opened a new and larger outlet at Barsha Heights which is quickly gaining popularity among many. The dishes are priced reasonably and they do offer combos as well.

Next time you are in Jumeirah/Barsha Heights hunting for a place that offers amazing food and value for money I would highly recommend Prax’s for their chinese and thai style dishes. That’s why I am crowning them the best takeout joint in Jumeirah 1!

Jumeirah Branch is open until 3am on the weekends & Barsha Heights is until 1AM for dine in and deliveries.

Prax’s certainly lives upto their slogan ” Hot on taste, big on flavors” I am totally imPraxed!!

Contact : 80077297

Check out their menu on Zomato.

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Skinny Genie – A Healthy Twist To Your Favorites

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say healthy food? SALADS? QUINOA? KALE?WATERMELON? BOILED BLAND FOOD? These are most common thoughts any average social media user would have. Its actually kind of true in a way because most people either stick to salads or go juicing in bid to become more healthier and leaner.

When Skinny Genie first approached me to review their offerings, I wasn’t too sure why they kept saying they offer healthy food. I mean they have pizza on their menu, there is pasta as well and a lot of other delicious dishes (I insta stalk all food related accounts). Pfft what?.. pizza isn’t healthy.everyone knows that.. Pizza completes the triangle of junk food pyramid! However I was proven so wrong because when they sent me the calorie count for it I was surprised ! I will reveal the calorie count for each of dishes in the end. Till then I would like you to guess the calories.

I was sent these vegetarian dishes for my review. A veggie pizza, Quinoas And Colors Salad, Multigrain Veggie Sandwich, Fresh Gnocchi Pesto & assorted Muffins.

Quinoas And Colors Salad: Its filled with lovely gems such as Red and white quinoa, chickpeas, cherry tomato, grilled zucchini, goji berry, dried apricot, parsley, mixed leaves, flaxseeds. The quantity is so much that it can keep you filled all day! I love how the dressing is kept really simple with just olive oil & lemon juice. The dressing enhances the delicate flavors of apricot, goji berries and tomatoes.


veggie pizza : It looked so inviting! Can you believe it that this pizza is gluten free? The base was a bit crispier than your usual thin crust that is because they have a special blend of gluten free flours such as tapioca, corn and rice. The toppings are great too with generous spread of their classic tomato base sauce , simple but flavorful mozzarella and my favorite broccoli. The portion served (30cm) is good for two and generally I have a good appetite but this pizza, I couldn’t have more than two slices.

Fresh Gnocchi Pesto: This was my most favorite dish! There is so much going on in it. The delicious pesto sauce, the pillowy gnocchi and the pine nuts for texture.. it is a classic with lower calories. Their pasta are all homemade and fresh which you can literally taste. These are a must try and again a good portion PLUS guilt free! I am actually salivating while writing this.. cuz these were so so good!


Multigrain Veggie Sandwich: A pretty pink package full of goodness.. this  sandwich is another hit with me. There is Kale, sundried tomato, baby mozzarella, red cabbage, pomegranate, sesame seeds & homemade pesto all on freshly baked multigrain baguette. The ingredients are so thoughtfully paired for the sandwich. In one bite you can taste all the goodness and the fresh baby mozzarella is cherry on the top. The calories are even lower than that of a salad and I would prefer this any day!


Assorted Muffins: There are some killer combinations in their assorted muffin box. As you can see above there is Hazelnut and nutella , raspberries and dark chocolate, Apricot & chocolate chip, Apple, cinnamon & chia and banana & oat flakes. I felt the hazelnut & nutella cupcake was a bit of a let down as it was dry, however the same dryness did not run through all the muffins but only some.

I am now revealing the calories for each dish and trust me there are some huge shockers here.

Quinoas And Colors Salad – 532 calories

veggie pizza- 970 calories ( no its not the calories of a slice.. its the whole 30cm pizza!) 

Fresh Gnocchi Pesto – 318 calories ( jaw drops.. what??? so low!)

Multigrain Veggie Sandwich – 265 calories (gimme that everyday!)

Assorted Muffins – 90 Calories per 100grms ❤ ❤

Overall the creators of Skinny Genie menu have carefully prepared the classic in the smartest way possible. All their dishes are Gluten free and Low in fat content, they do have vegan dishes as well. Thier dishes are super reasonable and the delivery service is accurate as per website . Only wish they had the green curry vegetarian version too.. I would love ordering that someday (i get major rice cravings sometimes)

Creating these classics in a healthy way is a tough job and needs a lot of knowledge. The passionate chefs at Skinny Genie take so much care in maintaining that equilibrium between tasty & healthy food. Healthy food doesn’t have to be tasteless and low calori-ed but instead its all about smartly utilizing the calories. Skinny Genie covers all food groups while creating a balanced meal. This is highly important as many diets only concentrate on lowering calories but not helping in getting the required vitamins & nutrients required by body.
I am so glad to have reviewed Skinny Genie offerings as all their dishes are so unique ! Currently Skinny Genie is available for home/office delivery in Central Dubai. If you are located in any of areas covered by them, you should definitely give them a try!

Visit or call 800 Skinny for placing orders


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